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Ocean Turquesa & Coral Brides?

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#1841 acd8809

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    Posted 22 January 2013 - 11:32 AM

    Originally Posted by Cupcake 

    I have not heard anything. She said she doesn't work with animals. I do have a lead where to find one. If it pans out I will let you know. My groom also wants the donkey badly. There was a bride on here that has had one there she got it thru a another service. I'll keep you posted.

    Hi, Cupcake!


    Hope you mind my sending you a PM just in case you do not read the forum posts daily.


    Thanks for responding to my post regarding having a donkey at the reception.  My fiance wants to have one really badly, and I must confess that I would like to have one, also.  Just for a short while -- maybe 45 to 60 minutes.  I am thinking about the great photo opportunites and lasting memories that it will provide not only for us, but for our guests as well. 


    I found Planner 1 Events on a website, turns out they are located very close to OCT.  They do provide donkeys, so one can always be rented from them.  I do not know how much it would cost.  There may be other places that can provide a donkey, too, but I currently am not aware of any other vendor that does.


    The big question is:  Are donkeys permitted at wedding receptions at OCT?  I wonder if any bride there has had one at her reception?


    Unfortunately, both Angelica and Ana are not the most easy people to get ahold of, and they rarely answer emails.  And when they do, it's months later and they have only answered half of the questions asked. 


    Do you mind if we keep in touch regarding this donkey-rental business?  If I find out something, I will email you, and vice versa? 


    Maybe I will send an email right now to Planner 1 Events and ask them if OCT permits donkeys, and if so, how much does it cost?  I will get back to you.


    A while back I did see a post from a bride who had a donkey, and I thought the wedding was at OCT, but perhaps I am mistaken.   I have searched for hours in an attempt to locate that particular post, but for the life of me, I cannot find it.  Wish I had written the bride's name down, or post number, or post thread, or something...


    Amanda acd8809@yahoo.com

    #1842 Danitree

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      Posted 23 January 2013 - 08:44 AM

      Leahbecker- I had made a selection of enough songs to cover our 3 hr reception. I had asked the DJ to play some soft mariachi band music during the meal then play our play list songs. He stuck to our playlist and everything went well. We had more than enough songs for the time following the meal. Once we did our first dance and wedding party dance, there were songs on our list we didn't get to hear at all as time ran out. By the time we were done or meal, which took about an hour we had more than enough songs on our list to take up the remaining time. If you would like to see our list send me you email address and I will find it and send it your way.

      #1843 leahbecker

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        Posted 23 January 2013 - 09:35 AM

        Thanks danitree.. one last DJ question.  We have him booked for 3 hours (8:30 to 11:30 pm) for $550.  Ana said we will have to pay additional hours because he needs to set up before the reception. Does that mean one additional hour for set up ($150) or would we need to pay 3 additional hours because our reception starts at 5:30? So I'm not sure if we have to pay for him from 5:30 onward, if we only want his services to start at 8:30 pm?

        #1844 ashley316

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          Posted 23 January 2013 - 09:57 AM

          Originally Posted by rojaswedding 

          Hi Ashley, the lanterns are white with a slight beige line going around, you could always get colored lights, if you wished for them to be a different color. If you go on ikea and look up white paper lanterns there is only on model of round white ones.

          I would love to use these if you are willing to leave them at the resort and have Ana hold them for me. That would be so helpful!

          #1845 leahbecker

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            Posted 23 January 2013 - 05:57 PM

            Hi all! I am leaving in 2 days and just wondering if anyone knows if the resort that steam/press my dress for me?



            #1846 leahbecker

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              Posted 24 January 2013 - 06:01 AM

              Not to worry, I got my answer about pressing the dress. Looks like the resort can do for about $60


              Thanks ladies for the PM's

              #1847 lbaker

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                Posted 24 January 2013 - 08:45 AM

                Hello brides! We returned home late last night after a week at OCT and our wedding there on Jan 19. I will post a full review when I have more time in a few days, but they did a wonderful job. It is true that they have multiple weddings a day and Ana works long hours (9ish until the latest wedding reception ends). You will meet with her the day after you arrive to finalize everything, and she is really great. We were able to move our ceremony from the lobby terrace to a rooftop terrace with no problem, even after being told we couldn't through email before we left. The service at OCT all around is fantastic. More to come soon, but try to relax and not stress out too much. They really were wonderful.

                #1848 leahbecker

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                  Posted 24 January 2013 - 11:54 AM

                  Thanks so much lbaker and congratulations to you!! We leave for our wedding there in 3 days. So excited and so grateful for all the helpful posts on this forum. 


                  Looking forwrad to reading your review :)

                  #1849 Lyman

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                    Posted 24 January 2013 - 11:59 AM

                    wow leahbecker......your Big Day is almost here! how exciting.......hope everything goes smoothly and you have the perfect wedding celebration of your Dreams........Cheers :)

                    #1850 emily a

                    emily a
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                      Posted 25 January 2013 - 08:44 AM

                      leahbecker i'll be there doing my site visit during the week of your wedding! congratulations and cheers to a great week of sunshine!! :)

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