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  1. Leahbecker- I had made a selection of enough songs to cover our 3 hr reception. I had asked the DJ to play some soft mariachi band music during the meal then play our play list songs. He stuck to our playlist and everything went well. We had more than enough songs for the time following the meal. Once we did our first dance and wedding party dance, there were songs on our list we didn't get to hear at all as time ran out. By the time we were done or meal, which took about an hour we had more than enough songs on our list to take up the remaining time. If you would like to see our list send me you email address and I will find it and send it your way.
  2. Archlilly- I hired the DJ in addition to the wedding package, I hired the DJ through the resort. He was not at all interactive but the was ok with us. If you are looking for someone more interactive I would hire someone else if that the route you choose to go. That being said there is a sound system available for use, I'm nit sure if that's package dependent or not. I have read many reviews on the forum of brides who have brought I pods etc... And sed the resort sound system and it went fine. Just got home today will follow up with detailed review and more photos once they available from our photographer. Also the day I was leaving they were setting up a reception on the beach, I will send that photo as well but I wasn't impressed with the location they chose. They set it up right beside and around a large yellow football goal post. But other wise it looked beautiful!
  3. Hi there! I hired Dean Sanderson for my wedding photographer! He was absolutely fantastic e to work with, he and his wife were extremely helpful in all aspects of the planning process, even in those not photography related! They were more than happy to give me tips etc.. I found his prices to be reasonable, and flexible based on the amount of coverage you want for your day. I have not seen the finished product yet of the photos but will share once I get them and have absolutely no doubt they will turnout as amazing as the wedding day was! We also did a trash the dress in a cenote the day after the wedding with dean as well, talk about a once in a life time fun experience! Also Dean has a blog on his website that's found very helpful in the planning choosing process. Just google Dean Sanderson Photographer and you can check out the blog post, I found all sorts of useful information there! Good luck I know it's a tough choice!
  4. Here is the view from the lobby terrace there is a pool between the terrace and the beach. Hope this helps. Ill post more photos once home.
  5. Hi ladies and gents. I am leaving OCT today after spending 2 weeks here. We were married on the becah January 10th 2013 and were supposed to have our reception on the terrace but were moved in doors due to weather. It was sunny and beautiful for our beach ceremony and rained one hour after the ceremony. The reception in doors was beautiful none the less. I worked with Ana for my wedding and can not say enough nice things about her. Everything was perfect! I to was anxious and upset in the time leading up to my wedding about the lack of communication via emails but the lines of communication open up much better when you get closer to your day. Keep in mind this resort does usually 2 weddings a day and there was a day where there were 3 weddings while we were here. The wedding planners are very busy hence why why your wedding is far away the communication is not so great as they must focus on the wedding s that are much closer. That being said I completely understand how frustrating it is as a bride. But rest assured they will become more available as your day approaches, well I can't speak for Angelique as I had very little dealing with her. The wind changes based on the season, but based on the resorts location it is usually windy here so be warned if you are wanting a reception on the beach. The lobby terrace is lovely and offers a beautiful view of the beach with a little less wind. I will try to post a picture of the view from the terrace where they hold receptions. You will have a meeting with the wedding planner the day after you arrive in which you will sign papers have a tour of the site options for ceremony reception etc and can finalize your flower choices. Ana went over all the choices I had sent her via email, which had only happened a month or so prior to arrival and made sure she had everything right. Also my destination wedding specialist in Canada had warned me that they don't check there emails daily in Mexico and although in Canada we start our planning a year ahead of time the cultural difference here is vast and the wedding planners do not feel a sense of urgency untill your wedding day is much closer. My wedding hair and makeup turned out fabulous, it was done at the spa by Vicky I brought pictures of what I wanted and it turned out just as I had imagined! The DJ I booked through resort was good, all he did was play the music I had selected, which i was happy with, but if your looking for someone to get the crowed going, interact with guests etc... You might want to have an MC to do that if you go with the resort DJ. Anyhow after all my worry and stress regarding the lack of communication leading up to the wedding everything turned it perfect! I hope this can be some reassurance to you. If you have any questions fire away, I will post a detailed review once back in Canada, leaving tonight, and after 2 weeks here I am still sad to go! It has been absolutely fantastic! Happy planning girls and guys! Wedding packages OCT ingles 2013 .pdf
  6. Leahbecker- thank you so much for your well wishes I am sooo excited I can barely stand it! I will be sure to write a review as soon as I am back in Canada and at home but prob won't be until the end of January beginning of February. For all you girls stressing out, believe me when I say I know exactly what you are going through! I can't speak for Angelica but I know Ana has been much more accessible to me in the last few weeks, as our wedding got closer, thank goodness! All the best and happy planning, girls and guys! Ill be sure to keep you all posted!
  7. Leahbecker- thank you so much for your well wishes I am sooo excited I can barely stand it! I will be sure to write a review as soon as I am back in Canada and at home but prob won't be until the end of January beginning of February. For all you girls stressing out, believe me when I say I know exactly what you are going through! I can't speak for Angelica but I know Ana has been much more accessible to me in the last few weeks, as our wedding got closer, thank goodness! All the best and happy planning, girls and guys! Ill be sure to keep you all posted!
  8. Ibaker- also my ceremony will be legal and will take place on the beach at 2:00 pm our reception will be on the lobby terrace at 6:00 pm, it seems like a long break I between but will give us and our guests a chance to grab a drink cool off etc.. Plus we wanted time right after the ceremony for group and family photos and then we will have our romantic photos done together closer to sun set, hoping to get some sunset photos as well.
  9. ajhutch- I arrive to Mexico early in the day on January 6th, we meet with Ana my fiancé myself and our witnesses on the 7th for meeting witnesses sign documents myself and my fiancé have our blood tests done, on the 7th at noon we have our tasting, our wedding day is January 10th. And yes the last minute to do's definetely have my head in circles! Ha ha but so excited can't wait! Ibaker- as far as I can tell there is only dress codes for the Italian and Japanese restaurants. If you go to the hotel website and click each restaurant individually it gives you the dress code. The only dress code I have found is for those 2 restaurants no shorts or flip flops for women and long pants and closed shoes for men. That being said a friend of mine who is a much more seasoned traveller than myself said often times even if there is no dress code for restaurants when you arrive there may be a sign posted outside of ten restaurant entrance saying no flip flops. Hope that helps!
  10. Leahbecker. I had to choose 2 menus for the tasting we will have the day after we arrive and then we will have to choose our official menu. I have already told Ana what I would like for flowers, and the cake I will choose once I have arrived. I can't believe how quickly time is passing by now. Crazy excited! Mostly the last minute to do's are my own. Meaning I will do them before leaving Canada. Ana has become more available to me now that the wedding is so close which is great, but it does still take on average a couple days for her to respond. I was warned by destination wedding planner here in Canada that it does take time to respond as they often do not check there emails daily. After reading all the reviews etc.. Over the passing months I am confident that everything will go well! I will post a review upon our return but we are staying for a week after the wedding week for our honey moon so probably won't be until February. Any other questions feel free to ask!
  11. Well girls in just over 2 weeks I will be leaving for the ocean coral & turquesa! It's so close now it totally snuck up on me I can't wait!
  12. ggallo. Also just let you know Ana has over the last week or so been responding much faster so far! Try not to worry as I'm sure everything will be great! Dean and his wife/girlfriend are also awesome to work with so helpfull! Woohhoooo just one month until departure for us can't wait.
  13. ggallo. When I approached the topic of an outside photographer with Ana I just made it lie, there was no other option. I told her he was who I had decided upon. Don't get me wrong it does get pricey as they add a $300.00 "outside vendor fee" (I checked bak in my emails and got my invoice for my wedding today) plus they charge and additional $80.00 for a day pass for the photographer as well. But I say it's worth it to have great photos! Ill be doing a TTD with Dean as well! Good luck! Ill for sure keep you sted when it's all said and done but let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help where I can! P.s. heard from Ana again today will keep you posted as to whether she is becoming more available to me etc...
  14. ggallo. My wedding is booked for January 10 th 2013 we will arrive at resort January 6 th 2013. I am still having problems in communication with Ana. When she does get back to me she explains that she is busy with her current weddings and is very apologetic, but it is still frustrating as my wedding is coming up so soon. From what I've been told it is much better once you arrive which helps me to understand why there is such a lack of communication now, she is simply busy with the brides that are at the resort currently. I am beginning to stress more and more as I don't get responses as soon as I'd like being that my wedding is a month away but I am just trying to trust that she does this all the time and knows what she's doing......I hope! Haha! As far as the photographer on resort goes I can't say for certainty but when I asked that same question on the forum a while back I was advised to not go with the resort photographer as I would be disappointed. As I say I don't know this information first hand. I have booked with Dean Sanderson and am very happy I did. There is a fee associated with having an outside vendor I believe it's $300 but I figure it will be worth it. He and his wife have been so helpful in the planning aspect and have answered questions above and beyond what they are required to do as photographers. I also found his prices to be very reasonable. Hope that helps!!
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