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  1. Has anyone had Cynthia as their wedding planner? I've sent her multiple e-mails to no response asking for availability in terms of planning a welcome dinner etc. and have gotten no response for over a month. I'm wondering if she's still there? I've been using the regular weddingsoct e-mail address and I'm wondering if anyone has a better one to use? Thanks for any help, ladies!
  2. Sarah! Thank you for all that info! I'm getting married the day after your wedding- May 17th! I'm getting so excited! I'm just starting to do all my planning so I'm sure I'll be messaging you with lots of questions!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by ReeBik I had asked about this since I also picked the rooftop as my ceremony location. Generally the planner will have everyone meet in the lobby, say by the bar, and walk the group over to the ceremony location. Hope this helps!
  4. Hi Camila, Congrats! We're getting married next May with around 100 guests or so. Just curious to see where you guys did the ceremony and reception since you had a big group! Thanks!
  5. I haven't yet! We're just starting to do all our planning! We have a few friends coming with their professional cameras so we'll probably just use the resort photographer with a fairly small package! Have you done any research for a DJ? Music is huge on our list!
  6. @bmeloche - Did you do both the ceremony and the reception on the balcony? if so, what did you guys do when they were setting up the tables etc for the reception?? I definitely love the view from the balcony!
  7. @swabbett, My parents weren't sold on the idea of a destination wedding so we went down to look at the resort and they ended up falling in love. We met with both Paula and Ana while we were there. It seems like Paula just started recently. She didn't have her own business cards yet and had to have Ana answer some of our questions. She was great and took time to walk us around the resort and show us all the options for locations, etc. Ana it seemed was always running around with the brides or grooms of the weddings happening that day. They also have another part-time helper who works at one of the restaurants of the resort and does a lot of the smaller work - moving flowers, supervising setup, etc. Neither of them are really ever in the office until later at night - 8 or 9. They were both there later at night every night I was there since there was a wedding each day. They're usually running around setting up and confirming everything for whatever wedding is happening that day. I've e-mailed Paula and gotten quick (within a day) responses. They work as a team for the weddings that happen but the impression that I got is that Paula is still learning so Ana is usually doing a lot more of the heavy lifting. I hope this helps!
  8. leahbecker i'll be there doing my site visit during the week of your wedding! congratulations and cheers to a great week of sunshine!!
  9. Hi Ladies! I'm taking a trip in a few weeks down to Mexico and am staying at OCT. As long as we have a great time, we'll be booking our May 2014 wedding there! I know most of you have said that e-mailing the planners doesn't necessarily get a quick reply but could someone post their e-mail addresses so I can try and set up a meeting with them while I'm down there? or have any of you had luck doing it some other way? Thank you!
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