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ROR - Special Turn down the night of the wedding?

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Originally Posted by Destination08 View Post
Did anyone try and make that happen?
This would've been nice to come back to on the night of the wedding, but I totally forgot about it & no one arranged it for us either.
I do know that other brides had a friend or family member do it for them sometime during the reception, which was really nice.
I'm sure that you could speak to Chandlyn about it & arrange to have it done.
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ya i'm just gonna have my MOHs do it for me at some point during our reception...they can go off for a bit & put rose petals and tea lights everywhere so that it's ready for my FH and I....let them worry about my turn DOWN service so that the FH and I can turn it UP later that evening....lol...woohoo!

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This would probably be a nice idea but I don't think I would be able to enjoy it...we will probably be too drunk to notice how nice everything looked..*lol*. I would also probably like this as a surprise..something you're not expecting :) would be nice if the hubby thought of something like this!

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