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  1. No problem ladies! I'm glad to help....God only knows how much I depended on this site when I was planning our big day. I can't believe I still check in here every now and then....I just finished looking at my wedding pics again. Wish I could do the beach wedding all over again PS. For some reason I no longer get email notifications when someone asks a question on this thread. If you have ANY questions my email is karina_lopez777@hotmail.com
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by DelightfulDani Did you have to pay for the chairs when using the free package? No, those are included. If you wanted to add bows/sashes to the chair you would have to pay for that
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Mello78 Thank you for sharing your review...I enjoyed reading it! No problem girl If you want to see pics let me know and I'll PM you the links. Goodluck with all the planning
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Miss Angie I enjoyed looking at your pictures. I'm thinking about having a beach reception but afraid it might rain. I have a question for you about renting speakers. Are the rented speakers able to hook up to any MP3 player or only an iPod? Hey there, I would assume they would hook up to any mp3 player but i can't say for certain. We used an iTouch. We also used CD's for our dances because the speaker system they use has both. Hope that helps
  5. Thanks girl We bought a house so now I got to stress over that til November! haha It's one thing after another I tell ya!
  6. Hey everyone, I've been msd'g by a few brides asking for links to my pics...I suppose the ones I originally posted have expired so here you go again.... Karina Lopez-Sacco's Photos - Dufus & Jerk Face Tie the Knot! | Facebook Karina Lopez-Sacco's Photos - Dufus & Jerk face Tie the Knot: Part 2 | Facebook and here are some pro pics I posted from the wedding week....no actual wedding pics yet though, alot of "engagement" type pics....enjoy Karina Lopez-Sacco's Photos - Pro Wedding Week Pics | Facebook
  7. Wow, I haven't been on here in ages! Thanks for all the compliments ladies
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by MoKe0506 Hi Sarah, Chandlyn emailed saying I can actually have my beach reception on the beach by the gazebo not by Seagrape!!! So it would be less noisy and more private. But I've already emailed her to book the Plantation, now I am second guessing it. I wish I can actually see a dinner beach reception to sway my decision. The beach reception would cost more. Karina, I know you just did your dancing at the beach gazebo but what kind of lighting did they provide? And if I was to bring paper lanterns do you think they have anywhere to hang them by the beach? Hey girl, We did all of our dancing at the beach gazebo....I would def pick it over Seagrape any day! The only thing we didn't do is have dinner there but they did put out tables and chairs, huge torches and a spot light that lit the place up well but didn't over do it. Not sure how you would hang lanterns though. Maybe if you had them on a string they could somehow tie them from one torch to the other...mind you there were only about 3 torches. I know Tai Flora does this kind of stuff so there must be some way that Chandlyn can figure it out. Goodluck
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by drbrainfreeze I knew I recognized that "short" dress from somewhere!! I loved that dress! Haha! yup...and I have a 3rd dress for sale...my original reception dress! Oh boy...lucky the wedding rolled around sooner than later or who knows how many dresses I would have ended up with! LOL
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by MoKe0506 Great and detailed review!! You looked beautiful, you guys make a gorgeous couple. Congratulations!!! I love you photos especially the pic of your cake table set up. Where did you get "I Do" letters from? Thanks lady I have to admit I stole the "I Do" idea from someone on this forum. I purchased all the cake table decor at Michaels...bag of mixed shells, star fish, letters and clear crystals.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by drbrainfreeze Karina- thank you so much for sharing! You looked absolutely gorgeous. You guys looked like you had too much fun!! I was wondering, the short reception dress...where did you get that from/who makes it? Thanks!! Thanks girl! Oh man, the story about my dress...to make a long story short, the short dress was really a long one (it was supposed to be my original dress til I had a change of heart). I cut it and made it my reception dress and loved it! I purchased it at David's Bridal in Tonawanda, NY.
  12. Thanks for the compliments ladies but I must give credit where credit is due...I can thank Lucian Matis for my dress. He is a Toronto-based designer and the 1st runner up on the 1st season of Project Runway Canada. His work is absolutely incredible and his prices were pretty reasonable. I'm so happy I get to wear my dress again at the end of this month!!!! Quote: Originally Posted by KimmyG I agree with Nikkib- your dress was fantastic! Who made it??
  13. Great review Ang! Looooove the pics....looks like you guys had a blast! Congrats again ps. The drinks were downed in 0.2 seconds...nuff said! lol I actually requested the same to be sent to you but they gave them to me instead...I took a whif and they smelled like sour milk so I chucked them! Sorry lady
  14. We got tumblers from the dollar store and filled them up with candy and gum. Gave them away at the airport because we didn't want to carry a box of them thru security check. Everyone loved them and about half of our guests used them. they may have gotten more use in the rooms though, since the cups in there are so small. We def got some good use out of ours though GO FOR IT!
  15. it took us about 2 hours...we used the shuttle provided by Sunquest. Only one stop for beer and bathroom break...no stops at other resorts.
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