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Four Seasons Costa Rica...best EVER


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My husband Sam and I got married in Costa Rica last minute after our long planned wedding in Nevis got moved due to Hurricane Omar (wedding was November 11th, made all of the changes October 18 and on). The wedding was unbelievable.


The staff (particulary Julia Giannini) made this a dream wedding, and more than a dream wedding, it was more beautiful and more perfect than we could have EVER imagined. 2 weeks later and we can't stop smiling. Thank goodness our photographer took a million pictures. He was fantastic as well. Joe Cogliandro from Houston, Texas. We live in DC, but he came down and took some incredible photos for us to always remember the trip. Fit in really well with all the guests (There were only 23 of us) and took some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. If interested, let me know and I'll send you a link to the pics.


It was all just pretty stress free, my recommendation, Four Seasons hotel and Joe Cogliandro, photographer. Then you don't have to worry about anything :)



It was truly magical.


-Darcie Brooks

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Originally Posted by Jess View Post
nice! Is the Four Seasons in Costa Rica your typical expensive Four Seasons or is it less since it is in Costa Rica?
The way it works, you go through the Four Seasons New York office that does group sales for the resort. We did everything through the Nevis office and they gave us a CONSIDERABLE break on the room rate with a guarantee of a certain number of rooms and revenues from food (our break was about 40%, but it all depends on the property, season, etc). The room guarantee was very easy for us to hit and we went over and it was no problem, and the food guarantee we got to alone from the rehearsal dinner and the reception. It is probably going to end up being more than a regular hotel rate, but some have all inclusive food plans (Nevis did) where you pay a flat rate and that covers your food for the day (Costa Rica didn't). But all in all, for the service and the place you end up, it is a bargain. Also, the planner was so great at both that we just didn't worry about the wedding at all which made it really nice not to stress over the flowers, decorations, etc. Since it was a Four Seasons, we knew it would look fantastic and taste great.
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