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Any Eldorado Seaside Brides??

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Originally Posted by Shona View Post
I am getting married January 14, 2010 at EDSS. I was also trying to plan everything before we left but after reading this entire thread I think we will just wait until we get there. I do have a couple of questions for EDSS brides though:
1) Anyone get make-up done at the resort any reviews? I am trying to decide whether to pay someone or just do it myself.
2) Can someone tell me how to download all the word documents in this thread (i.e. map of wedding locations)?
3) What is the early sitting for the private reception? I can't believe one person said they got to pay extra "music" costs for the reception to last until minght. My TA specifically enquired about this and Lomas said NO! Not even if we paid for a private cocktail party AFTER the dinner - crazy!
4) How much are the set-up fees? After being totally discouraged by the (in my opinion) obnoxious prices of decorations I have decided I will bring my own DIY handmade centrepieces, fans and programs for chairs and OOT bags. But in order to have these all handed out how much is that going to run me? I am sure my sister would do the set-up for me but someone even suggested they charge you for that! WTF?!

Anyways, thanks for all the tips and tricks, esp. the LOONG review by one recent bride - very helpful and so appreciated.

Welcome Shona! What a cool name by the way!! lol..

Anyways.. I just sent Valeria my WC an email about the getting charged for one of my guests to put my fans and programs out.. so we'll see what she says.. I said there should be no reason why I should get charged if none of the hotel people are doing anything.. so we'll see!!

I to am still on the fence about getting the makeup trial and makeup on the day done by the resort or not... cause it seems like a waste of money.. and I don't even like when other people do it now.. had one trial done here at a Merle Norman.. and hated the look she gave me... not how I like it done anyways.. I think the previous brides all did their own..?

I think for downloading the word documents you need to have more points or something?? Not positive though.

For the early sitting thats for the honeymoon dinner that is offered in the wedding package.. not for the reception.. I am hoping we can get it extended too.. but won't be paying extra or mentioning it till we get down there!!!

Anyways welcome to the thread! Hope we can help you out!!!

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So I picked up my dress from the drycleaners on friday.. and dropped it off at alterations thinking it would take a couple of months... although my dress didn't need all that much done to it, it fit almost like a glove off the rack! But anyways.. its going to be ready July 31st!! I can't believe it!! I thought it would be much longer than that... So now I will have to store it for 3 months until the big day! Good thing its going to be at my fiance's mom's house for those 3 months or I would be trying it on everyday!!! lol.. Just thought I would share my news...


Oh I do have another question for you guys married there already... how strict were they on dress code for the air conditioned restaurants? They were saying like only dress bermudas.. no tank tops? Like we are in Mexico.. they want us wearing pants and sleeved shirts?? Just wondering how your guys experiences were with this!! Thanks!

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I am going to try and upload a pic of me in my dress.. so we'll see if it works. Its a Pattis Designer dress. I absolutely love it!!


Also I am getting so frustrated with Valeria, she never seems to quite grasp what it is I tell her I would like with certain things! Did this happen to you guys at all?


And I was wondering if you guys used their IPOD hookups.. or if you just were able to use their cd player and bring all your music for the ceremony and dance and reception on discs? I am trying to avoid paying the 250US for the rental of that stuff.. specially if we either bring our own IPOD player or just the discs and use their cd player... any input ladies?? Help!!!




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hey everyone..its been a very long time since i was here, but im bored at work, so ill give a run down of how our wedding turned out at EDSS..lol


my wife and i were marred at EDSS January 8th, 2009


leading up to the wedding the rep lomis rep was pretty horrible to deal with and couldnt really answer any questions we had..lots of back and forth was going on...but again..very slow responce...one nice thing though...when you arrive, you have on site reps to talk with, and they review everything with you....go over add ons or cancellations of items...


the onsite reps do everything for you, and treat you like royalty while your at the resort...they went above and beyone to make our stay perfect..and if we had any issues...just mention it to them, and its taken care of..


we payed the extra, and had a private wedding reception on the beach...." when i say its worth every penny" im not doing it justice...they setup light standards, tiki torches, palm leaves, tables, our own bartender..buffet...a bbq grill....it was amazing...well worth the money....we rented the PA system..and brough out ipods.....its great that we had that, because they set it all up with a mic for the mc, and speaches....and remember your on the beach so with waves crashing behind you..its nice to have something loud...


the whole experience was perfect.....it was a dream for both of us...


for pics:

Picasa Web Albums - John - wedding photo...

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Hey Tracey,


We also rented the ipod speakers and they were AMAZING! So loud and perfect. Worth the money, even though I didn't think so beforehand.


WE paid extra to keep our reception going later. Arrange this when you are down there, they will cut you a MUCH better deal than the Lomas reps will. I think we paid $3/pp/hour.


If you are doing the private reception, you will have way more staff helping you than you can imagine. Plan to tip, plan to tip alot. Figure you have at least 20staff helping you... so What is the minimum you would want each of them to have. I wasn't expecting this and we were at the end of our trip, and i felt like I didn't give them what they deserved because I didn't have any more cash!!!


The onsite staff are so terrific, you can't even comprehend how terrific until you get there.


Oh and I had my makeup done there and it was done well... I changed a few things afterwards, but she did a good job. I would prob. just do it myself if i had been more organized.

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Ok I think its settled now.. sounds like the Ipod hookup is a great idea! I was just hoping to cut that cost but if you two both say its worth it then thats what we will do!!


And its great to have someone have their makeup done to.. cause I was so curious... did you have a trial run before the big day as well?? Or just trusted them on the day of? I think I will still get them to do mine, but now I am debating on whether to pay for the trial and the day of! So many small decisions that I have to make... its frustrating! So I have decided for my private beach reception that I am just going to use the white bows and chair covers cause they are still trying to charge me twice for the same chairs... whatever white is fine, we are using colored table runners for only 7 dollars each anyways...


I am so excited I pick up my dress from alterations on Friday! Then its ready for Mexico!!! AHH sooo exciting!!! Any advice as to what I should be doing now with 3.5 months lefthuh.gif

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Ok seriously.. the white chair covers and bows aren't included in the the private dinner reception?? Is that what you were told?? She still wants to charge me 3 dollars a chair for the white covers... didn't one of you ladies say they added those gold colored bows for no charge...?? Did you pay for white chair covers? Or are they just trying to screw me over? Should I wait till I am down there before adding that amount to my final bill?? Need some advice or help here!!! TIA!

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I went knowing that they likely would throw in the chair covers and gold bows for free... i never asked about it, never talked about wanting it, and voila they were still there on the wedding day.


Only thing is that i was prepared to be ok with the uncovered chairs if that was what was to happen. So if you could not tolerate uncovered chairs, you should probably just pay, but from the sounds of it they automatically put the covers on for everyone. Worked out for me!

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So now I vowed not to have any chair covers to save the expense, and hope that they just put the covers on like you said anyways.. or when I am down there I will simply ask if it can be done without payment anyways!


Hey question.. how long does it take to get the wedding bands? My fiance and I haven't got ours yet and its coming up on 3 months.. should we be worried? Or is that lots of time still?? He is not usually a procrastonator but in this instance he ishuh.gif ERG.. frustrating! Also is it still the tradition that the guy not know what his ring looks like till the day of the wedding? I am going with my fiance to buy his ring, as I don't want to get him something he would never wear... thoughts??

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