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  1. hey everyone..its been a very long time since i was here, but im bored at work, so ill give a run down of how our wedding turned out at EDSS..lol my wife and i were marred at EDSS January 8th, 2009 leading up to the wedding the rep lomis rep was pretty horrible to deal with and couldnt really answer any questions we had..lots of back and forth was going on...but again..very slow responce...one nice thing though...when you arrive, you have on site reps to talk with, and they review everything with you....go over add ons or cancellations of items... the onsite reps do everything for you, and treat you like royalty while your at the resort...they went above and beyone to make our stay perfect..and if we had any issues...just mention it to them, and its taken care of.. we payed the extra, and had a private wedding reception on the beach...." when i say its worth every penny" im not doing it justice...they setup light standards, tiki torches, palm leaves, tables, our own bartender..buffet...a bbq grill....it was amazing...well worth the money....we rented the PA system..and brough out ipods.....its great that we had that, because they set it all up with a mic for the mc, and speaches....and remember your on the beach so with waves crashing behind you..its nice to have something loud... the whole experience was perfect.....it was a dream for both of us... for pics: Picasa Web Albums - John - wedding photo...
  2. mask

    new EDSS bride

    welcome to the forum....my girl and i are getting married at EDSS January 8th..if you have any questions...shoot..
  3. my names John, and bride to be is Megan leaving January 3rd 2009, and geting marriied January 8th at EDSS After much browsing around of resorts and narrowing down, the El Dorado Seaside Suites resort in Mayan Riviera, Mexico will be where we get married. if anyone has been or has any information, that would be great!
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