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Need All Of Your Good Vibes Ladies!!!

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Originally Posted by weddingchick View Post
Give us an update! How did you do?
Hi Everyone,
Thanks for all of your good thoughts; I think they helped. I dragged my MOH around the city literally for 6 hours...
The first place had a ridiculously amazing selection; since I got there a bit before her... I managed to try everything on and narrow down to 2 dresses that both myself and the very outspoken/blunt woman at the store liked. MOH loved both; but one was better than the ever in both our minds. Yet, I still wanted to make sure so we hit probably 8 other bridal shops and department stores to see if I could find anything better.
I am going to to back soon with with my MOH and one of my BM's soon to make the final decision. I will post again (a new thread) with a pic of the dress ... on the model unfortunately (the bridal store people were crazy, we couldn't get a moment alone to snap a forbidden pic of me in the dress) if my BM agrees.
Thank you again!!! YOu are al the best! smile159.gif

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