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question for those who have traveled to RM before

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Originally Posted by NATASHA View Post
I can't count the number of times we've been to Mexico (all over, including the jungle). Neither of us have been sick.

Here's what we do:

-Under no circumstance do we eat lettuce or anything with lettuce (or similar leafy green). Too many times we've had companions on our trips who have and who have become ill. We eat cooked veggies.

-Yes to bottled water, but I don't worry about the ice in margaritas if drinking at a resort.

-When we go off property, we don't drink mixed drinks - we always order beer and drink it from the bottle. No need to risk the glasses being washed in unfiltered water.

-If there's yogurt around, I eat it.

I never thought about swallowing ocean water! That's an interesting point. I have been in the ocean quite a bit, though.

I am 100% agree with you!!!!! and those are the main rules for not being sick!!

I worked as a Food & Beverage Quality Control Manager in a 5 Star hotel (1,300 rooms) affiliate to "Check Safety First" which is an UK safe food company.

You can search for hotels that have been subject to monthly rigorous inspections for food safety and hygiene and have proved that they are preventing food borne illness. Other aspects such as fire safety, water safety, hurricane preparedness, ethical operation, sustainable tourism and others are also inspected. Check Safety First - Home Page - Hotels that care about your health

Best Regards!!!


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