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  1. Here are some photos from the Kool Beach Club that could be a bit similar to the Grand Coral.
  2. Hi Solymare21, Here in our Blog you will find most of the locations in the area and you can try Arenika. I have heard about it but I have never worked with them before. Blog: http://www.yazmindelamora.com/wedding-blog/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yazmin-De-La-Mora-Weddings-Catering/116594061696963 Happy planning!
  3. Hi Solymare21, Yes, we know Mosquito beach but is always very crowd, I will not suggest it for a wedding. Best Regards and happy Planning!
  4. Hello! I worked in hotels for more than 17 years and have been working on the opening in some of them. In the first year that an hotel opens all the failures will show up so if you are willing to deal with that then is great! Happy planning!
  5. Hello Brides, We were sponsors from an event organized by Kool for wedding planners in the area a few days ago. Here are some pics from our Gazebo, tables and some of our decor. Hope you like them! www.yazmindelamora.com
  6. Hello, Here are some pics from an event that Kool organized for wedding planners a few days ago and we were sponsors with some of our decor and Gazebo. Hope you like them! www.yazmindelamora.com
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by aoliver13 I hope I spelled that right. I want to have maracas and would love to purchase them in Mexico to cute down on luggage fees. Do you think I will be able to find some in Mexico? I am staying at Hard Rock Riviera Maya. I am hoping their is a market near by. Hello aoliver13, Yes you can buy them in Cancun. In the hotel zone there is a market where you can buy them but of course it will be more expensive than if you go to "mercado 28" which is a market in the Cancun downtown area. You can ask your concierge at your hotel and they can help you with a map or a cab. Happy Planning!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by solymare21 Yazmin Necesito info del grand coral Para k me organize una boda para el 4 de enero 2014 Email me Hola Solymar21, Te acabo de enviar un PM. Porfavor pasame tu email para enviarte la info. Saludos!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by kaylanicole I am having a wedding at the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun in November 2014. They do not have the option of a Catholic wedding. My family is concerned about our marriage being recognized in the church and want to know if we can get a priest to come to the wedding in Mexico. Has anyone heard of this? Is there another option? I am thinking I will just take care of it back home after the wedding, but wanted to see if anyone has any experience with this. Thanks! Hello kaylanicole, If you want to get married in a Catholic ceremony it will have to be done in a Chapel or Church. In Cancun there is one Church located in the Hotel Zone. If you want to bring a priest from home, then you can try to do it BUT I suggest not to tell anyone because here in Mexico it is not allowed to do a Catholic ceremony if it is not inside of the Church or Chapel. For more info you can contact directly the Catholic Church in Cancun: PARROQUIA CRISTO RESUCITADO Ph. 998 849 50 35 Email: scardozo@cristoresucitadocancun.org Priest Luis Alberto Chavarria L.C. Contact: Sandra Cardozo Address: Boulevard Kukulcan Km. 3.5 Zona Hotelera CP 77500 CANCUN Q. ROO Happy planning!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by brownsugarbride Yazmin- Thanks for the suggestions! I had loved the fire dancers because they combined the African drums with their performance---a perfect way to bring in some of my heritage. I would have loved to bring in the Brazilian drumming and singing, as I used to do samba dance, but $2000+ is unfortunately not in my budget. I am wondering if it would be possible to bring in some acrobats who do their routines to African drumming... Hi Brownsugarbride, There are different packages I guess you can find the batukada in different styles and prices and more like african drumming that brasilian one. Best Regards,
  11. Hello Brownsugarbride, The acrobats are great and the illuminated water drums are also a wonderful option because they can start playing with electric guitars hard rock music and at the end they play the water drums . There is also the "batukada" singing alive and combined with the drums, they are also amazing! actually they are the most expensive ones of all the performances in the area around 2,500 usd. or more. Happy Planning!
  12. Helo Brides, Here is a thread on this forum that I create about some tips about site vistis. Hope it helps and happy planning! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/a/site-inspections-step-by-step
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