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I will be interviewing a potential photographer to take with me to Costa Rica for my wedding. The thing is I am not sure what questions I should ask her. This photographer usually does photo journalism and is interested in photographing my wedding.

Do you ladies/gentelmen have any suggestions on good questions to ask?

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Will you be meeting them in person?


If so, I always suggest seeing at least 2-3 complete weddings - not just the "best of" pictures from various weddings.


You spend your entire day with this person for the most part so just make sure that you get an good vibe and think that you will enjoy having them around all day.


I think those are the two most important things to consider.


Other than that, just be sure of the package specifics...

-how much coverage will you need/get

-what products are included? album/prints/CD

-how payments are made

-turn around time for photos/albums/etc

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Jill posted some great advise. Shoot I can put together a "best of" album and someone might book me, but in actually I take about 100 pictures of my pets and get only one or two really good pictures. So if you see an entire wedding you will get a feel of how good they really are.


Plus I also think it's important to connect with your photographer, it makes things go much better IMO.

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