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Good Prices On Table Linens

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I am helping a girlfriend plan her wedding on valentines day here in the states because with fi and I footing bill on our entire wedding I can't afford to be in her wedding when she just gave me the notice a week ago and I have to dish out money right now for the bridesmaid dress now in order for it to be here on time. The least I can do is help her plan it.


Anyway, does anyone know of a site online that will rent table and chair covers for a weddng.?


Please help.



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BBJ is the best company out there IMO.

BBJ Linen

I have worked with them and cannot say enough nice things. However, they are not the cheapest. You will also have to pay for shipping because there isn't a PA office. Usually $50 for orders under $1500.


Have you searched for a local rental company?


There is another company out of Indiana that I've heard good things about, but I have never used them and cannot think of the name.


Good Luck with your search!

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Originally Posted by Trice View Post
Hey Girl! My girlfriend uses this company alot. A Linen Rental begins with Tabletoppers Quality tablecloths and chair covers for your party or special event I don't know how much shipping cost will be.
How nice to see somebody from just down the road! Is that a local company here in the ATL area? Are they fair on price?

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