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Azul Sensatori Pre-Opening Site Review

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#1 weddingchick

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    Posted 27 October 2008 - 02:38 PM

    I’ve returned from my pre-opening site visit of Azul Sensatori (AZS). FI and I met with Carolina (on-site WC from Azul Resort) and Gilberto (from Lomas Travel) 10/08. The resort is absolutely beautiful. I was prepared to take tons of pictures but was quickly asked not to take pictures. I was told that Karisma would like to make their pics available when they are ready to show the resort to the public (hmmm, I think that Abby’s pics caused an influx of questions/concerns to their offices). Please be assured that the resort is much further along with construction (read below). They expect to open the resort on November 1st.

    I want you all to know that I was told that the information shared with me may change as they figure out what works and what doesn’t for weddings at the resort. So please know that what I post now may change later. I think it's best to consider the information below as a way to give you an idea of what they are planning so far. I’ve also included a few Q&A’s that I asked.

    Our site tour and questions were focused on reception and cocktail locations. So here we go:

    Ceremony locations:
    - Caribbean Garden Gazebo (20pp) – covered area by pool
    - Beach (200pp)
    - SKY Deck (80pp) – there will be a wind gauge and they will relocate if too windy.

    Indoor backup locations:
    - Salon Sensatori 1 (undetermined pp)
    - Salon Sensatori 2 (undetermined pp)
    - Grand Salon Sensatori (340 pp) both rooms together form an open ‘L’ shape

    Cocktail locations:
    - Caribbean Garden Gazebo (20pp) – covered area by pool
    - Roof Garden Lounge (lrg location- cocktails before 3pm – this is the area for the nightly show so time is needed for nightly set-up)
    - Sienna Cocktail Terrace (20-30pp) standing area only, no tables
    - Sienna Restaurant Private room (40pp)
    - “Wave-around-the-pool” area (lrg location-undetermined pp) poolside
    - Plaza (circular area in center of courtyard) very large location – undetermined pp)
    - Zocalo Al Fresco – lrg location beachfront by beach BBQ (80pp)
    - Zocalo Cocktail Terrace (60pp) poolside/beachfront
    - Zavaz Cocktail Terrace (40pp)
    - Swim Up Cocktail Bar area (40pp Adult only) poolside
    - Chill-Out Terrace (30-40 Adult only) poolside

    Reception locations:
    - Sienna Restaurant Private room (30pp)
    - Spoon Restaurant has a step-up elevated platform area (14pp) (this restaurant is same bldg as lobby)
    - Spoon Restaurant is where the package included dinner is located (40pp). The dinner can be used for the reception or rehearsal dinner (not guaranteed to be substituted as a breakfast – too busy)
    - “Wave-around-the-pool” area (lrg wavy location-undetermined pp) poolside
    - Plaza (dance floor in center of circular area can be there) (80-90?pp)
    - Zocalo Al Fresco (80pp)


    What about Tapaz Restaurant?
    Tapaz Restaurant is off lobby (??pp, cocktails?) I blanked out on this one. I didn’t take any notes. Sorry

    What about Le Chique Restaurant?
    Le Chique Restaurant (smaller restaurant not available for reception – approx 14 course dinner experience will last 2-2.5 hrs) Carolina called it a "gastro-therapy"

    What kind of tables do they use?
    The set-up pp counts are based on round tables of 8-10pp per table (I didn’t ask for dimensions of tables). There is an option of rectangular tables through Lomas.

    What are the most private venues?
    My opinion - Zocalo Al Fresco, Beach, Sienna private DR

    What does SKY Deck include?
    Welcome drinks, cool washcloths, fans, programs, simple gazebo, seats, wooden runner, and webcam. This is only a ceremony site.

    What is the status of Construction/Opening?
    They say they’ll be ready for Nov 1 and I believe they will open. I’d be surprised if there is access to every single amenity/bldg. There’s still a lot of finishing work to do (which tends to move quickly). But it’s certainly much MORE finished than when Abby’s took pics. There were at least 60 workers that we actually saw around the resort working on various projects – planting more palm trees to painting hallways and working on the details. I saw absolutely no scaffolding. There was furniture in most restaurants and in suites that I walked by. The palm trees are small and will take some time to grow so it seemed that there are very few shaded areas. There are a lot of covered beach beds. I did not go onto the beach.

    What is the status of SKY Deck?
    SKY Deck has a small wall that covers the ac units towards the ocean (where ceremony is held) however, the ac units facing the back are still exposed. I was told this section is not part of the ‘available’ area (though I’m sure it will be covered later). The glass enclosure is not up yet. The SKY Deck has an absolutely beautiful view.

    What are the functions of the US based WC and on-site WC?
    I was told that Fabio, Nancy, Tiffany are the US based WC’s. Any questions should be referred to them. They will assist in helping with wedding design ideas, vendors, meals, etc (Lomas). They will provide all approvals and order special order items. They create a wedding plan specifically designed for your wedding. Shortly after you arrive to the resort for your wedding, that plan is then reviewed with you by the on-site WC. It was suggested that you do not plan any excursions on the first couple of days after arrival so that the on-site WC can review the wedding plan with you and to allow time to make any possible changes/adjustments that you wish.

    What is the earliest reception start time?
    Receptions do not start until after 6pm and end at 11pm.

    What to do after 11pm?
    The reception will be over but you can visit the bars for any after-party. Though it was not suggested, the honeymoon suites have a fairly large balcony that could easily allow a good number of people to gather there.

    What about the Spa?
    This is where the bridal suite is. The bridal suite is a private area for bride and bridal party to get prepped, dressed and ready (it’s part of a ‘package’ though I’m not sure which). On a separate note, the spa also has a section for child services that can be supervised by a parent through a window. The individual spa rooms have ocean views.

    Can beach beds be reserved?

    Are there Beach Butlers?
    No. There will be room butlers in the premium section only. Butlers will be available until 5pm.

    Can a restaurant be closed down for a private wedding reception?
    No. Though maybe. It may be subject to availability.

    Expect great service. We were provided with incredible service as we toured around. Everyone we encountered was smiling throughout the resort. We were offered champagne and bottled water along with a cold towel upon arrival, mojitos as we walked through the mojito bar and a fantastic small food tasting in the kitchen of Le Chique (already my fav restaurant) accompanied by pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris (all non-alcoholic). Carolina and Gilberto were extremely professional and excited for this resort to open.

    Hopefully, this review is helpful to some of you and I didn’t forget anything. If I can be of more help, please post or pm me.


    #2 can't wait!

    can't wait!
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      Posted 27 October 2008 - 03:21 PM

      So it's looking good, huh? Wish you had pictures but I know it was out of your control!

      #3 selina

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        Posted 27 October 2008 - 04:28 PM

        Thanks for your review!!! That was very helpful. I can understand why they don't want pictures (could cause unnecessary chaos - especially since most of us aren't well versed in the art of construction).

        I'm sure we'll start seeing some Trip Advisor reviews soon too!

        Thanks again!! I'm excited.


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        #4 lenka14

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          Posted 27 October 2008 - 04:51 PM

          Thank you so much for the review. I am glad to hear the hotel is coming along! That makes me feel so much better.

          I will be there next month when it opens and hopefully I can take lots of pictures.

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            Posted 27 October 2008 - 06:23 PM

            Sounds incredible! thanks for the review!
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            #6 jhawkev

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              Posted 27 October 2008 - 08:26 PM

              Great review!

              That's funny about the pictures :)

              When you said no Beach Butlers, did you just mean for our ceremonies/receptions?

              #7 pepper55

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                Posted 27 October 2008 - 10:21 PM

                great review!! thanks. i'm going to be there next week, so hopefully since they will be "open" i'll be able to get some pics.

                #8 Mrs.StephP.2Be

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                  Posted 27 October 2008 - 11:17 PM

                  Thanks! It is so great to know about the different ceremony and reception sites.

                  #9 weddingchick

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                    Posted 28 October 2008 - 11:17 AM

                    Originally Posted by jhawkev
                    When you said no Beach Butlers, did you just mean for our ceremonies/receptions?
                    The resort will not have any beach butlers at all. I believe they're modeling the butler system of the casitas at EDR.

                    #10 milejilo

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                      Posted 28 October 2008 - 02:48 PM

                      thanks so much for the review... its sooo helpful. unfortunately, it looks like we don't have many options, i think we'll have 80-100 guests...

                      God forbid the weather doesn't permit for an outside wedding how did the back up locations look to you?

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