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  1. We had our Welcome Drinks party at Melia Cabo Real. It was definitely not old and boring. Some of our guests stayed there, and there were a ton of activities, a different theme party every night, and lots of energy. They have a really nice lounge in the lobby, that had a DJ spinning techno music. The grounds are really nice too. I worked with Cecilia for my Welcome Drinks party and she was great! They brought out lounge furniture and lighting to the beach for us. And had a DJ set up techno/lounge music. The bartenders working our party were so much fun too....they were walking around with shots and literally pouring them into guests mouths.
  2. lenka14


    Hi, I am also getting married at Zoetry Casa del Mar next month. Feel free to ask if you have any questions about planning or vendors.
  3. I actually asked my mom and FMIL to stay in the same color family as my wedding colors. Since they will be in a lot of pictures, this way they won't clash with the wedding (and everyone will know who the important people are). In my experience, a lot of brides do that. Your FMIL probably thought that's what she was supposed to do, and picked that dress color to make you happy. Please don't stress yourself out about it....your wedding will be beautiful and all eyes will be on you anyway!!!!!!
  4. I am still interested. Could you please pm me any info that you may have about this shoot. Thanks!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by tdmitchell So you are selling them for the price you bought them plus $6.50 for shipping? Yes, they are brand new...and shipping will cost me approximately $20. I am selling for $100 (shipping included) or Best Offer.
  6. Yes, the color is accurate. These are natural/beige color canvas totes.
  7. We're not registering for the same reason you stated.
  8. Just wanted to add....I'll also take best offer
  9. Hi Girls, I have 17 OOT bags for sale from Bath and Body Works. 20" H x 20" W These are great quality, spacious, and have two snap closures on top. We ended up going with a different OOT Bag b/c we didn’t have enough stuff to fill these bags. These bags were originally $20 each, but I ended up getting them on sale at the end of last summer for $5.50 each. The bags are brand new and the price tags are still attached. Will sell all 17 for $100 (shipping included). PM me if you would like to buy these or have any other questions about the bags.
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    My dress is champagne as well. I am using champagne, brown and gold accents for my wedding colors.
  11. lenka14

    Keratin straightening

    I got the Keratin treatment done last week, and washed my hair twice since then. The results are amazing! I no longer have to flat iron my hair (which I used to do almost every day), and it looks shinier and healthier than ever! It takes me 5 minutes to style it now, as opposed to the at least an hour before. So far I am super happy with the results and would highly recommend this to anyone who also has uncontrollable frizz.
  12. Wow, this is amazing! I was thinking about you when the Swine Flu news broke out, but didn’t want to bother you. I really admire you for having such great attitude about this whole Swine Flu fiasco. Your swine-themed wedding was supper cute! I know it's not how you envisioned things to happen, but you had such a unique wedding and now you have a story that you will be telling people for years! Plus, you still have another great reception to look forward to in Mexico! What could be better?! P.S. You were a gorgeous bride!!!! Congratulations to both of you!
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    Official Casa del Mar Bride

    Quote: Originally Posted by angelk7164 I am seriously looking at Casa del Mar. There website was great because it priced alot of things out for me. Are you doing one of the wedding packages or going a la carte? I've never been there but my fiance and his parents used to vacation there when he was younger and loved it. I'm sure your wedding will be beautiful! Casa del Mar is a very beautiful and intimate property. It took us over nine months to find a perfect location, and when we walked into Casa del Mar we both new this was the right place for us. It has a rustic yet modern and elegant vibe to it. The best part about it is that the beach restaurant is isolated from the rest of the resort, so you really do get an intimate and private reception, which is a rare find for most resorts. I am not sure which wedding packages you're referring to, I didn't think they had any. Could you post the link for where you found packages? Thanks!
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    Calling all November 2009 Brides!

    Hi Girls, I am also a November 2009 Bride. We are getting married on Nov 14 at Casa del Mar in Cabo. I don't have nearly as much done as the rest of you. So far we put a deposit down on our resort, booked a dj and a photog. That's it! From reading all your posts I seriously need to catch up. Jess, I ordered a sample scarf from the site you posted above, and I can confirm that the quality is good :-)