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Beach Ornament - Personalized - with sand and shells in it????

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Cherielee, I own several of these exact ornaments. My tree is always beach theme and I buy ornaments everywhere I go. One I know I got on a Carnival cruise and another I think in a christmas store in Mrytle beach. Neither of those helps but you could totally make these! I was in Michael's Crafts last week and they sell the clear balls in every size, the top pulls off and you could buy the mini shells and sand there and fill them yourself. Put the top back on and hot glue. Add a ribbon if you like or personalize with a paint pen. This would be easy and cheap. Damn, had I thought of this before I would have done this as a favor! LOL!

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OK FYI - i have had no luck finding anything on the net so i went to michaels last night and i attempted to make my own...didn't really want to do this but i think i am anyway now...lol....so i bought the balls, shells, ribbon, and i bought a display box that people would buy for a baseball so like a clear box...and sat it inside that box. Now i am going to a beach this weekend and was planning on just scooping up some sand then...but i took some of my blue sand that im using for the sand ceremony and put some of the blue sand in the ball with some shells with a blue ribbon and i think it looks really really good....NOW


i need help as to how i can put our names and date on the ornament? I cannot get in engraved the glass is too thin and also it wouldnt really show up? Im not really wanting to put it on with a craft pen because i don't want it to really look like it was done by us and i don't have nice writing...the other thing is like a clear lable? but not sure if that would look nice or make it look cheap? any other suggestions out there ladies?

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