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  1. Hi All, I am trying to put together a few sentences about the RM for my boarding pass invites. I am trying to its describe why its so amazing. Did any of you do anything like this? Would you mind posting what you wrote? Thanks so much!
  2. I have to vote Becks & DannilleNDerek
  3. Are you staying at an AI? That way the cost of the meal would be included in their stay...
  4. We are using clear plastic boxes for ours. Here try these: Soft Fold Cube Boxes
  5. Hi All, I tried to search this but only came back with a couple threads. What info did you include in your STD? Also did you include resort rates or was that just on your website? Thanks
  6. Hi All, I am trying to figure out where to put the line about a formal invitation to follow. I am doing the boarding pass STD's and I ran out of room on the first page/boarding pass. Would it be ok to put this later on a different page or does i have to go on that first page? Thanks
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Sarah Hi Rosie- I made those, and the font is called "Inspiration" Thank you Sarah! You are so sweet for sharing.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Alyssa that boarding pass belongs to Kat81 and was professionally done by Sarah (Sproullie Designs) Thank you. Well I can stop looking for Kat81 to ask her about the font.
  9. Hi All, I saw this beautiful board pass STD's on here. I want to use the font their names are in but I can't remember which post I saved the picture from so that I can't ask them. Does anyone know who this belongs to or even what the font is? Thanks
  10. We are using Sol Tamargo of Del Sol. Her TTD's are so amazing looking. There is a sticky post from her and matt at the top of the RM forum.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by mexicobride2009 I think the "Royal" perks are definately worth the price difference (it was only about $150 per person more when we booked), especially for your wedding!! That was the other decision I was trying to make. The Mayan riviera cabanas and royal cabanas are the same ones. They took over the riviera cabanas when they made it the Royal area but you can reserve them as either. Since the rooms are the same I am trying to figure out if we would use any of the perks: Reception with Private Check-in reserve 24 hours in advance for ala cartes El Jardin, a la carte restaurant exclusive for Royal guests Exclusive and personalized treatment Pool with integrated jacuzzi Pool Bar with a selection of International and Premium drinks Private Beach with Waiter Service Exclusive lobby with air conditioning Front Desk service Digital press Free internet Free Room service Royal Golf Cart Service Nightly Turndown Service. Since you will have guests who can't use the royal only stuff, how are you spending time with your guests and still using these? I am trying to weight if we will actually have time to enjoy these things. BTW what is a digital press? LOL
  12. My FI is going to hand paint ours. Do you have any local craft shows were you could take you bulbs and have someone paint it for you? Or how about getting names and date printed on ribbon?
  13. Hi All, Did anyone take a day and do their e-photo shoot while they were down for a site visit? We are thinking of doing this. Thanks.
  14. Ok so another question, what type of room are you getting and in what building? I was looking at the Mayan cabanas in the riviera section....
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by mexicobride2009 Weird question maybe but are they red rose petals? I don't want to be picky here but I was hoping for no red... I guess I could always bring something of my own too... I am sure they will get whatever color you want.
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by jlwhite5 it seems that most people are around $20k, but i'm REALLY hoping we don't get to that point. that was our budget for a traditional, at-home wedding, and we're trying to save money with a dw. my parents are looking to spend $10k at the most, but we're willing to go up to $12k. we haven't actually made any purchases yet, so i'm not sure if we'll stick to the budget, but let's hope so! We would have been at about 12 if we had not decided to splurged on our photographer. You should be able to do.
  17. Hi All, I am looking for pictures but not having a lot of luck. Has anyone done a circle seating arrangement on the beach? I would love to see ideas about what decor to put in the center of the circle. I am not sure we want to use an chuppah and am looking for alternatives so the center of the circle looks decorated. Thanks
  18. Or just do the legal stuff at home before hand so that you are not taking time while in port worrying about them.
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by coppergoddess13 Also, for those of you who are interested, Rocio is more than willing to exchange the red carpet walkway for scattering rose petals. I asked about it and she said that she normally puts a few rose petals anyway, but that if I don't want to use the red carpet, she'll scatter a few extra to make it look pretty:). I was happy about that! Thanks!! That was one of my questions actually.
  20. That is totally reasonable. We are looking at 1500-1700 pp for a 6 night all inclusive with air fare. Everyone said that they thought that was a great price.
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by becks On the other hand, if it's just the two of them standing with you, then why designate either? Just call them both bridesmaids and that would be good enough. I second that. Then no hurt feelings.
  22. Quote: Originally Posted by ErinB Try searching AHR or At Home Reception. You can't search for AHR. You will get a message like this: The following words are either very common, too long, or too short and were not included in your search : ahr
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