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Any Cabo Surf Brides out there...pleaese help!


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I am thinking to book the Cabo Surf hotel and would like any and all information you have! If you are getting married or have already been married there please share your thoughts! Also, I would like to know what the rooms are like. If I book the hotel for the wedding, I am hoping to have my guests stay there as well and have read mixed reviews about the rooms on tripadvisor.

One last thing, if you were married here, did your event feel private, or did you see many wondering people during the wedding, dinner, etc.

Thank you for anything you can share with me, pictures would be a bonus!!!



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off the top of my head, we have two past cabo surf brides who would be a good resource to you:


Christa & Janet.


Here's Christa's review:



and her pics: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t4151


Here's Janet's review:



and her pics:



try using the advanced search function to come up with more cabo surf stuff.


i personally did not get married there, but i did hire their spa services for my wedding (they came to my hotel to do hair & makeup) and we were VERY happy with the salon services. the name of the salon is Sea Spa and it is located on the cabo surf property. i'd be happy to pass along contact info for the spa if you are thinking of using them as well as having your wedding at cabo surf - that would be so convenient for you! :)


here's the link to the spa: Sea Spa Cabo at Cabo Surf Hotel


i will have to look through my emails for the contact info if you want it, so please PM me if you do.

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Don't forget NAMUMBA had a HUGE wedding at Cabo surf and it was awesome!


Let me see if I can find here posts....


We are going to a Dave Mason Concert right after the surf contest there tomorrow - Cabo Surf holds all sorts of great evernts and they do an excellent job!


If you like a relaxed, but classy atmosphere, it's for you. :)

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Hi Carissa,


i was married at the Cabo Surf and loved it. The rooms are nice, nothing extravagant but it's a great location and a really great surf break for beginners. We were married at the end of March and there weren't too many people on the beach. The few that were there were cooperative. They prepared the buffet and it was really good. We had the open bar but everyone ended up ordering top shelf so we had an undexpected bill. We also tried to cut out the cake and do chocolate covered strawberries since we were on a budget and it ended up costing more than a cake. Just make sure little things like this are sorted out before hand.

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Cabo Surf hotel is a very nice and intimate place I think you will love, from my experience I always get to see weddings that usually book half of the hotel or most of it so that they can have the hotel for them and it works because it feels like home with all of your loved ones in the same place and even if you book a few rooms you will love the feeling of a small boutique hotel. Its also close to San Jose del Cabo. The rooms are very nice too.


Here is a wedding that booked about half of the hotel.


Wedding slideshow




Juan Carlos T.

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I have not had a wedding there, but my family goes here every year (25-45 of us) for the past 3 years as the hotel we usually got to for over 13 years closed. I will say that yes it is private which is nice. However, many of us have stopped going due to the hotel and it's service. I no longer do the family trip as 3 days for $2000 was not worth it at this hotel.


Here are the groups complaints just so you have some group feedback (mind you, no weddings):


1. The rooms that are the most expensive that are ocean front...there are a couple that are not. Mine ended up being at the top far left (if you are lookin at the beach). We were head level with the main road in Cabo and our door had a 1 inch gap in it that ou could see through. There was a unit in frontof us that blocked our ocean view so the patio with pool was useless. We got NO sleep due to the semi'son the road at night. Overall, I will never stay there again for this reason alone.


2 They will not serve you at the pool.

3. There were not enough lounge chairs at the pool for more than 10 or 12 people.

4. There were no palapas, loungers on the beach (and no service)


We demanded if they wanted our group to return they had to provide #2,3,4 for us, which I think kthey tried to do but still wasn't enough for our group.


5. We book out the whole hotel so it should be just us. They allow non-guests at the pool and overserve them on alcholol. My aunt was hit in the face iwth a football by a drunk non-guest.

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