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My Dress Came In & It Fits...Sort Of :)

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I tried on a sample dress back in July and ordered it right away because I fell head over heels for it...so it just came in and my Mom and I went up there for me to try it on. I was so worried it would be too small but it fit fairly well. The halter straps will have to be taken up and it needs to be shortened, but I made an alteration appointment for December, so hopefull by June it will fit perfectly. The alterations lady pretty much told me I had no boobs, so I guess I might put padding in there or something :)


I am still so in love with it and know I will love it even more, once I don't have to have things pinned in order to see how it will really look :)


Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.

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Originally Posted by BachataBride View Post
Its beautiful...and looks like it fits you perfectly!! Boobs optional!!

smile35.gif I couldn't believe she said that to me. She looked at my chest and said she didn't guess we would have to worry about a bra or anything. I mean, I have never had any complaints before wink.gif But I think the "girls" will look better once the dress actually fits up there.
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Originally Posted by carly View Post
Oh I love that dress! I think Rebecca wore that too (becks) and I absolutely love it to pieces! I am such a fan of the lace dresses, they are so romantic.
She did wear it. And actually, that is how I even found BDW. I googled the dress and found a pic of Becks in the dress and then found this site because of that...awww :) I was so excited to see Becks' wedding and TTD pics - and she was absolutely gorgeous in this dress. I can't wait to wear it :)
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