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Room Block - Dreams Cancun

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My parents visited Dreams at the end of Feb. They were intending to reserve a block of rooms. However, even with the discount (which I think is pretty minimal), it is still much cheaper for guests to book through a package deal. If you check out the Dreams website, the rates they quote a VERY high. The staff at Dreams even recommended not booking directly though them. It's just too expensive. You may want to consider the time of year you are getting married though. If your wedding is during "high" season, you may need to block rooms as the hotel fills up fast. We are getting married in Oct., and were there last Oct., the place was very quiet. So I'm not worried about it even though we are expecting upwards of 60-70 guests.

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Originally Posted by rockbride View Post
Hey Susan,
Do you mean a package deal through a website like Priceline or through a travel agent?
I know I'm not susan, but I'll try to answer this. You can usually get a cheaper deal though either priceline or a TA booking a package deal. Most of us would reccomend a TA instead of priceline, expedia, orbitz, etc. The room blocks give you other perks, such as securing rooms, free welcome receptions, discounts on services, etc. There is a great thread on here about room block vs package deals. I'll look for it. I decided to go with the package deals. I like to keep it hands off & just let my guest contact my TA & book. Cost for guest was my top priority & I think they will get some cheap packages.

Oh, I should mention I'm not getting married at dreams. My hotel doesn't book up fast like dreams so it's not as much of an issue.
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