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Best tips before I start Boarding Pass invites...

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I am about ready to start designing and creating my boarding pass invitations...but i have to ask...what is the best tips you can offer to make them turn out the best, with the least amount of stress?


What type of paper do you reccommend?

What tools work best?

Any templates/fonts that are a must before I start?


I have seen so many of you have created such great boarding passes, I can only assume you could offer a little advice before get going on these!


Thank you so much!

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There are tons of great templates on here! When I was creating mine - I ended up using a paper that was slightly too thick and because I was printing from home I had some issues.


I would also suggest (although it's almost impossible) to try and make sure you have all your supplies before you start! A corner cutter is great (gives you the round edges) and a perforator (if you are looking to do a "rip off portion).


Hmm.. what else. a hole punch, ribbon, envelopes (I made my own) - any type of decals etc.


I would do a couple of test runs with regular paper first until you are completely happy ...

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I would also recommend a rotary trimmer/cutter (Friskars) and the perforator blade insert. I bought my 110 lb white cardstock from Wal-mart for $6! I got the ticket holder paper from Office Depot (first tried paperpresentation.com - they lost my original order!). I recommend double-sided tape for sealing the short edge of the ticket holder, and cuticle scissors for the nooks-and-cranies. Fonts, I found on dafont.com (wm trees, wm aquatic, hibiscus, sc by the sea, tropicana, etc.). Hope this helps! Have fun!

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I just finished my boarding pass invites (over 300 of them!) I did a lot of research and made several drafts. I found a site that had a thorough set of instructions and template options: Aylee's site.


I also got some fonts from the dafont website, and used "nature," "hibiscus" and "barcode." I think I may have also gotten a "Scriptina" font from that site, and I used "Pristina" as well, which was already a Word font.


I prefer to use Word, and you'll have to play around with text boxes to get the layers and spacing you want. It takes some patience, but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy to switch things out and move things around.


I had mine professionally printed at Staples on 110 lb. cardstock. The prints were 89 cents per color copy, and all three cards fit onto one page. It made all the difference - when I printed them at home, they didn't look nearly as crisp, and the colors weren't as vibrant. I used copper brads to connect the three cards together, and made a jacket for the passes out of color 24 lb. paper, and 3-dimensional flowers I found at a scrapbook store.


It's fun to make them your own, and to find ways to make them unique. Best of all, my guests are RAVING about how much they like them.


I am adding a .pdf of my invites so you can see what I came up with. (I changed the names and contact info for privacy reasons.) Feel free to private message me if you have specific questions.


Good luck and have fun!



Boarding Pass Template Forum.pdf

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No, not at all! I shopped all the printers (Kinko's, Office Max, Office Depot, etc.) and Staples was the cheapest for printing in laser color on cardstock. You can even submit your order online if you want to upload it to their server and pick it up when it's done. There are no additional fees. It's much cheaper if you do it yourself on their color printer, (I think maybe only 35 or 45 cents,) but you must already have a print to make a copy of, and you'll lose some quality. If you want it to have maximum quality and color, then it's best to give them the file online, on CD or on a flash drive, and they'll print it for you directly from that. It's also cheaper if you're having them print it, but not onto cardstock. You could use a heavier 24 lb. paper and mount that onto a color cardstock yourself if you wanted to save money, yet make it a little sturdier.

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