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  1. My FI and I are 7 years apart and he doesn't want to wait either. @@jackshayne0123 - I know what you mean about the non control thing I think that is what bothers me the most about it, "what do you mean I have to sit back and just wait for it to happen" that isn't my character at all!!! I am glad to see there are some more ladies that have joined in, I was beginning to think that I was the only one lol
  2. Luckily my sister and brother are not close to TTC but I get it, my best friend and her husband are trying so her and I are supporting racing each other lol. I am the same I want it now I am not the best at waiting actually I really, really suck at it so hopefully it doesn't take that long although I have read it can take a year... and to think of all the crap you go through to try to prevent it from happening! How is your DH about everything? Excited nervous??
  3. OOOH I haven't gone there yet, as to buying the book but that's a good idea I never thought of it before! Sounds like our hubbies are thinking along the same lines... today one of our friends announced that they are prego with their second baby so happy for them and I will admit its the first time that I was actually a little jealous and not like thank god its you and not us LOL funny how you spend so many years trying so hard not to get prego and now I want it! Good luck, there doesn't seem to be that many people on this thread so we will have to be there for each other for a while!
  4. @@csho I am planning on taking Troy's name once I have received our marriage certificate, make a long story short his sister and mom couldn't believe that I wasn't going to change it and they were making a huge deal about it... I honestly didn't care enough to have that fight so I decided that I would change it, then it came out while we were in Cuba that Troy really wants me to change my last name as well, so I figure if that's what they really want then why not, I think that it is a dumb tradition but like I said if it mean that much to him and his family then why not just do it! @@alley08 I am glad to hear that everything went so well, sounds exactly like me I wasn't even a little nervous on wedding day until I was waiting for the golf cart to come get me and then it hit me and the tears started! Now Tuesday the day before the wedding I wasn't nervous but I was a mess I cried all day I was just so happy and overwhelmed about how many people came to make our day so amazing... this is the reason that we didn't do our own vows I couldn't get through the thanks at the welcome party I would never have been able to say vows! LOL
  5. LOL @@csho that's funny so many people ask me this, honestly it is the same as it was before we got married we lived together so I think that we knew what we were in for... but no its good it still sounds a little foreign to me when Troy calls me his wife stuff like that but its pretty cool, we only have a few couple friends who are married so its like we are in a club! I think the engraved Bubba Keg idea is awesome!
  6. I know I was noticing that... There really doesn't seem to be a whole lot of posting going on!! But seriously those cups are awesome... our travel agent sent out cups to everyone that booked with us, so they weren't "our" cups but everyone in the group had one so it was still pretty cool, and I didn't have to bring them down with me which was also awesome!
  7. Ladies, We were married in November and I went off BC right after that, we aren't being crazy just not preventing right now... considering that we have been together 6 years I don't think that we need anymore time being newlyweds but I understand how some guys think that time is needed... LOL @@Lua I think that you are right that guys don't get crazy like us, but I have heard my DH say to a friend a little while ago that he was excited to have kids which is great because I am going to be 31 this year and he is going to be 38 we cant wait much longer LMAO. As for the original question of making changes before we start really trying I think that we are going to go with the flow and make the changes once we have conceived I don't want to stress my self out making a bunch of life changes before hand! I am glad to see that this board is a little more active I have been watching, I know how much support I got here when planning my DDW and hope to make new friends here as well!
  8. @@csho I love those cups they are awesome!!!! @@Kay SO HOW WAS IT???????
  9. Kay, yay I am glad to hear that you are getting things checked off... its funny that since I have no wedding stuff now I don't now what to do with all this free time LOL I am hoping that we are all going to chat more even after your weddings... what's next LOL
  10. Let me know if you can figure it out... otherwise maybe we will have to Google it! LOL I miss talking to you ladies as well! Congrats Ladies about your weddings this month I cannot wait to see pictures!
  11. Thanks ladies! It was truly a great time I couldn't have asked for more! Lydia, I saw the one of you guys laughing and I couldn't help it, there is also one somewhere of my dad and I laughing coming up the aisle and I am not sure what we are laughing about there either but it is the memories of the day!
  12. Ladies, I am back from the most amazing 2 weeks of my whole life... the weather, wedding and company was all I could ask for it was perfect! Thank you for the warm wishes! Lydia, everything looked amazing from the pictures you posted! Here are a few pictures.... I know that I was married at another resort but I think that Cuba has weddings down to an art... don't stress about anything they will figure out something to fix anything, when we woke up it was pouring... but it stopped with plenty of time for the ceremony and then started again after dinner so they moved our reception into the disco and we had just as much fun there! the one biggest piece of advise that I can give is don't sweat the small stuff and take it all in the day went by in a blur!!!
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