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Etiquette - Include WP for dinner?

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I'm on the bandwagon that all vendors should be included at a non AI resort. I checked in with this yesterday directly with my resort and they said with the WC running around with other brides that day and the staff being staff of the resort... no need to add them into anything because they are working for the resort, even if they are covering your wedding with pictures and whatnot. Check with the resort you have what they think is apropriate.

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thanks ladies! i asked our WC if she were going to be present during dinner, and if so if she would like chicken or fish! haha she wrote back thanking me for the offer but telling me that she'll be too busy making sure everything runs smoothly and never eats at events....so i guess that solves the case? thanks girls for the input!


all my other vendors (photog, guitarist) will be gone before dinner starts, so we shouldn't include them?

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