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39 Days! But Who's Counting...

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39 days until take off!


I've finally heard more from Chandlyn on details! It seems as if everything is falling into place. I have to admit I'm glad there aren't any extra guests coming because it makes things sooo much easier!


Anyone else getting close & freaking out?!?!

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It really freaked me out to look at the calendar and see that the wedding is one month from yesterday! Time flies so fast when wedding-planning. What exactly does Chandlyn contact you about besides reception info? I'm not whether to email her about little details, or to wait until our meeting there? How much detail are you going into with her?

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I am ready with the exception of paperwork. I have an appointment next week to get our ID Notarized and then I'm sending it out.


I go in on the 18th to have my dress hemmed and I'm also having a hair trial done as well.


Other than that we are ready!


I emailed Chandlyn to give her specific details of a few things that I wanted but mainly I just went over the details of the entire day including wedding time etc. just to be sure!


Kater ~ I'll be looking for your review...hopefully you have time to post before I take off wink.gif


ccunningham ~ What do you mean by gazebo decorations? I only ask this because I havn't picked anything. Mind you I'm not paying for extras or anything as I have the Royal Package.


Chicklet ~ I keep forgetting that you are less than an hour away from me...too funny! I think I'm beyond excited now!

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I'm so excited, I can't belive it's a little over a month away! I have my second fitting tomorrow and I can't wait to see what she did for me. I've been waiting so long to get this close and it doens't seem real yet. Yay I'm so excited for everyone!! Ellipse you're going to be down when I am right? I'll be there Nov. 12th-22nd.

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