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need DIY help..hanging orchids

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I think Courtney aka Agape Gems made hers for her wedding at ROR.


I thought about doing it but ran out of time.


You use fishing line and silk blossoms. I think you just pop the centers out, thread the flower onto the line, then put the center back in with some hot glue.

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Hi! I am also planning on doing a hanging flower curtain for my huppah. I bought faux white lillies (they didn't have any orchids...but I like the look of the lillies anyway) by the stem from Walmart, and also transparent fishing line and fishing line weights. I haven't made the hanging curtain yet...but when I do...I will cut/pop off each individual lilly from the stem. Take the finishing line and wire it through the middle of each flower (the middle part pops off and you can just stick it right back in). I'm making mine about 8 feet tall...and each line will be about 1 ft apart from the next. I think I'm going to space the actual flowers about 6 inches to a foot apart from the one above/below it. Anyway...we got fishing line weights to add to the bottom (once they are completed) so that it rests in the sand and they won't blow all over the place in the wind. To transport them, we are getting pieces of cardboard, and wrapping each line around it.


Hope that helps! grouphug.gif

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