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I Need Hi-Res Pics from Paradisus Punta Cana

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I am working on our photo books ... but in our DW travels, we failed to take any pics of the resort itself. I'm looking for hi-resolution pics of the exterior signage and then just some general "beauty" shots of the resort.


If you have any of PPR, that would be great too, but I'd really like to find some of PPC to help round out our album.


If you have any you don't mind sharing, I will PM you my email address ~ and if there's anything you need from me, please just ask! :-)


Thanks in advance!

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I have PPC - I dont know how great they will be but I can send you through snapfish- Send me a private email with your address and Ill send you 6 different peoples' pics from our wedding

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Originally Posted by MOGroom View Post
Honey remember I will be there for 10 days in November..5 days at PPR and 5 days at PPC...Send me a list with the pics you want and I wll take them for you. Also feel free to use any of my shots....


The main shot I need is one of the resort sign at the front of the hotel. Kind of a close-up. I'd like to include a shot of the resort sign in our photo book.

Otherwise, I'm pretty much done so that's the main thing I am missing. But any general resort shots would still be great (pool, restaurants, eco-jungle, lobby art) b/c I am going to make another book with wedding and honeymoon pics (a more casual book) just for Tom and I.

Thanks in advance!!!! smile123.gif

I knew you were going but couldn't recall when! :-)

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