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My OOT bags came in.....

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Originally Posted by OCMDbride View Post
Those bags are great and are a great price. I wanted to do the beach towel favor thing as well but price seems to be a dilemma. I am thinking about going with these instead.
Luau Party Supplies STRAW BEACH MAT [ Each ]
I havenâ€t decided yet. If I do go with these I will rap a ribbon to match my colors with a tag! But it is my goal to find towels cheap enough! If I find them I will let you know. By the way go Eagles!

I will check out those mats...I may have to go with that option because more & more people claim to be coming and My budget is getting tighter & Tighter! :-) But it's all worth it though! I'm definitely NOT complaining!!
The Cheapest Towels I found were here: Beach Towels wholesale manufacturer of plain and custom embroidery towel

They are a good price, but right now, it's still out of my budget..Unfortunately.
But thanks for the Mat Idea!!
And Go Eagles AND Phils!!!

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The bags are really cute, I am between those, the solid color ones, and some that are the reuseable shopping bag style from ad ifferent company. Just want to let those who bought the small playing cards know that I had a deck of small hello kitty cards when I was little and loved them, I used them until they were falling apart so maybe your flip flop cards won't be wasted wink.gif

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