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Wedding Locations, from a photographer point of view.. TIPS!!!!

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I am a photographer..http://www.soltamargo.com/blog and a bride to be!!!..., so I have been really paying double the attention scouting for my own wedding, considering all the important things to me, and of course and of them is photography!


So, I though, I may share this tips.. I'm here!, (living in Riviera Maya) and planning this wedding is not easy!.. actually I have nothing for sure yet!.(

still looking around).... so much work..., I can only imagine how stressful it may be for a bride who is miles away...


There are lots of things that I could suggest to have a beautiful wedding, and the best wedding Photos..., but this thead would be forever, so I'm thinking we can take one at the time..




I have notice that at most of the cases wedding coordinators at the resort really don't have an "eye" to pay attention to details, things that will make the ceremony site look pretty, and this should be a priority!!!, at least I think so... always looking for a beautiful photo of the whole ceremony site setting, and not always easy..




Ceremony site is located right next to the hundreds of beach chairs and they don't move these for the ceremony


Ceremony site is right next to the " beach toys" as kayaks, hobbies, wave runners etc...


Ceremony site is in front of the beach shower!!!... (imagine as bride walks the aisle... shower is in the background!!!)


Having a wedding at the beach wouldn't necesary have to come with all the beach "accesories"... and I as a bride to be I don't want to see them in my wedding photos, so here's my first recomendation to future brides:



Don't leave the whole thing to the wedding coordinator, thinking that "They should know what they are doing"... trust me... they don't always do...




Ask her (him) to show you in person the ceremony site, and pay attention to details OPEN your eyes, and focus... look very carefuly from all the angles you can, (As photographers we run around and take photos from all possible sides..) and if you see lots of things that aren't pretty, ask her to either move the site to better place, or move the chairs etc...


After doing that.. still don't trust at 100%.. a couple of hours prior wedding, have somebody to go and check if they are doing what you want.


It is sad that many of this resorts have so many weddings, that they become a "wedding factory".. and stop paying attention to the "beauty" that a wedding ceremony should reflect, and they just do it where it is easier for them... , not the best for you...


These not only happens at big resorts, even small and pretty ones are guilty of the same thing.., so pay attention! and get what YOU want....


Hope this thoughts help!!!


I'll be posting more suggestions ... have to go back to edit!!!



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hey sol! so nice to see you posting on here! great info youre sharing. the one thing i always think about with locations is gazebos may stripe your face during the ceremony. we have a lot of gazebos here in cali. and gals shes right about the beach chairs. all the guests at a wedding in the bahamas i shot had to help move tons of lounge chairs right before everything started. and it was HOT!


i just got a message from matt last week about great places to shoot in RM. he mentioned gtg while im there in may. im in town the 7th-10th for a wedding at el dorado royale. let me know if you have time! are yall going to vegas next week? hijacked.gif

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Originally Posted by anacgarcia View Post
Thanx for the tips Sol!!! your pictures are amazing!!! I can't wait to hear more about your planning, I bet your wedding is gonna be amazing.. I wonder who'll take your pics?? hahahaha
You're welcome!!!... I'm so stressing out about my own wedding...BUT, we have the photographer!!!..YEAY!!!!..., its going to be a surprise.. or maybe I'll tell you later, when everything is confirmed..

Matt and I both have so much work right now, he's back in Atlanta, I'm here in Playa, we are in the middle of buying our first condo here in , and that is a project..., shooting weddings, editing...., AND we have a wedding to plan!!!...whew...

Time is catching up on us!!!!... but no matter what, I have the most important thing... the love of my life!... my guero... :) and it's going to be ok....
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