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Al Cielo Hotel

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a few of the ladies have asked me about the resort i had my wedding at here's a little info from their website...

Al Cielo Hotel is a small, beachfront boutique hotel situated on Xpu-Ha Beach in Mexico's Riviera Maya. This charming hotel has four beautiful rooms right on the beach, named Water, Air, Earth and Fire... four elements that combine to become a Caribbean elixir for your vacation in paradise. The exclusivity of this place allows Al Cielo Hotel's staff to offer you personalized and individual attention.


Peace, relaxation and serenity are our best allies in assisting us in turning your stay into an unforgettable and pleasant experience. The rustic and stylish hotel rooms offer views of the Mexican Caribbean Sea in front, and the tropical jungle behind. Al Cielo Hotel was constructed of local hardwoods and materials, and the beds are draped with romantic netting. The decor puts you in the mood for pure relaxation.


Step outside your hotel room and you are on one of the best beaches in the Riviera Maya. Xpu-Ha Beach is just 15 miles south of Playa del Carmen and 73 miles from the Cancun International Airport. You can spend your days snorkeling, diving and relaxing on the beach, or take day trips to Mayan ruins or other area attractions. But be sure to save time to enjoy the services of Al Cielo Spa.


Al Cielo Restaurant is a new dining light on Mexico's Caribbean Coast. Serving fresh seafood, local and international dishes, Al Cielo Restaurant is a favorite for fine dining in the area. Our patrons come back again and again to enjoy excellently prepared meals in an incomparable setting.


Al Cielo Restaurant and Hotel now has a full time events planner to coordinate romantic destination weddings, special events, and private parties right on the beach in Mexico's Riviera Maya.

Link: Al Cielo Hotel


The dinner menu that i received from the Al Cielo is attached below:

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Originally Posted by TVGirl View Post
Did you enjoy your experience with Al Cielo? Any downside?


to be honest with you i found our experience with Al Cielo to be exactly what i wanted... the only problem i had was when i first booked the hotel for my wedding, they didn't have a WC at the time so i had to find my own... and then there was an issue with emails not being answered, but when we arrived at the hotel, they explained that they were having issues with their internet... in regards to the wedding itself everything was wonderful... the owner, andres, lives on site, and he was there helping set everything before and during the wedding...

hope this helps
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I LOVE the look of Al Cielo and wanted to have my wedding here, but found out that they are closing the Xpu-Ha beach location on May 31, 2008 and moving to Tulum. No re-opening date at this time.


But it's "business as usual" until May '08 at least...bummed it didn't work out for us. The location looks GORGEOUS!

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I think Al Cielo may be open through June. I may have my wedding there in May (going down for a site visit right after Thanksgiving to decide for sure) - so I can take photos and give you more info after that. The person I'm in contact with is really great - the nicest out of anyone I've contacted down there, which is kind of swaying me!


I just need to find a resort for me and all my guests to stay at relatively nearby - I was hoping for something elegant and intimate and beachy all tied in one, but with 60-100 guests I may end up at one of the larger resorts. I hope I like one of them when I go down there - I just wish I could narrow it down a little before then! Any votes/recs?


I'm also going to see a few other resorts specifically for weddings (rather than just housing) for just in case and I'll take pics at those too.

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By the way, for all 2008 brides searching for a site, Al Cielo is open through the end of 2008! Their lease was extended. The wedding planner there, Donaji, is really sweet. Tell her hi from Sarah if you do consider the site! I visited the site and did a tasting, if you have any questions. Otherwise, I'll be getting married in May so I can tell you more after that!

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congratulations nylalany!!! You are getting married this month! I am looking into getting married at Al Cielo in December. Any information, comments you can share with us will be really awesome! Looking forward to hearing all about your wedding!!!


Congratulations again!



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