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  1. Congratulations!!!! I am so glad everything was great! I can't wait till 12.12.08! AND ur PHOTOS! I am in search for an awesome photographer and I would love to see more photos from him! When did you fly in? I am also having a friday wedding and I was planning in flying in on Wedesday.. Is it too late? Did you have to do a lot of co-ordination on site before the wedding? What kind of music did you have? Did you have a DJ? Do you have a wedding program you can share with me? Sorry! Too many questions!!! CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN! anna.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by JennyK omg her wedding is in 2 days! I can't wait to hear all about it!! IPOD Girl's wedding is TODAY! WoW! I can not wait to hear all about it!!!!! By the way... IT IS FINALIZED!!!!!!! I SIGNED AND SENT DEPOSIT!!! 12.12.08 here I come!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by JennyK hey gals! Any updates on wedding plans? Jenny~ good to hear from you again! This contract process is kind of taking forever... A lot of changes, modifications, negotiations.... BUT! the good news is, I may just be at the final round and am READY TO SIGN~! Also, they have 12.12.08 available, so I am sooo excited!!! Finally, I can put together the STD (which I am thinking of just making it into invitation..... looking at how many months I got left.), and move onto doing some fun stuff. How are you doing?? Everything going well? I wonder how Ipod girl is doing. Wasn't her wedding on 08.08.08? Anyway, I am really happy with everything! one question for you, are you doing open bar option or corkage fee option? I am still confused by what option I should go for. anna.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by nde062010 thanks riviera. Do you know if the civil ceremony can be in english? I believe so. I am doing a symbolic wedding (trying save on the cost of the civil wedding...) in English, and any ceremonies you want, it can be done in English.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by nde062010 Oh I mean in general .. not wedding food. I'm just curious how much people will be spending throughout the day for food and drink ... to compare to my AI choices I think I know what your dilema is.. I went through the same thing for a very very long agonizing time... Well, for myself, I am going in the non AI direction. After my little research, I figured it will cost around $100 per person per day. Of course it differs from hotel to hotel, restaurant to restaurant, but for a nice restaurant, it will cost around that per day. And of course, there are options to eat outside of the resort, where food tends to be cheaper. After a little calculation combining group room rates (min.10 rooms)and etc, the cost came out pretty similar. But! keep in mind, if your guests like to drink quite a bit, it is probably better idea to go for AI. My guests are not that big on drinks.... I hope this helps.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by JennyK Yea it is a bummer when they cant make it. You're officially in the club. It's happened to almost all of us here (I've only had 1 BM bail). I think a Friday would be more convenient for your guests but it's totally up to you! but WOW you really are putting some thought into it huh? lol I know! I am putting way too much thought into this date thing...hehehe... Jesica got back to be finally with the contract and I think we are almost there. She says 12.12 (friday) might not be available (some company party..) but has not been confirmed yet.. 12.08 (monday) is available but I agree with you.. I don't think monday is as convenient for the guests.. SO! it is either 12.13 or 12.12 I am crossing my finger for 12.12!!!
  7. Hi Jenny~ Thanks for asking... A lot has been going on lately and it seems that I can't get my head around things!!! Work has been insane, and one of my two bride maids just told me she can't make it to the wedding, cuz she got pregnant and she is due a month after my wedding date. So, I need to re-organize some things, and I admit, I did get a little sad.. cuz you know.. you want all of your good friends to be there. Anyhow, I got the STD materials!! the martha stewart luggage bag favor boxes, some stickers, paper, ribbons.. I think it is going to be cute! (thanks to you again Jenny~*) I will post the picture once I am done. Jesica hasn't wrote me back regards to the contract. Getting a bit nervous, but what can I do... I am kind of re-thinking the date. the fact that it is on the 13th, kinda bothers me.. it really shouldn't but you know.... So, I wrote to Jesica to see if 8th or the 12th is open. It is going to be either Friday or Monday.. Do you think having it on Friday or Monday is a bad idea? I mean, idealy, I would like Saturday, but I kind of like the 12.12.08, or 12.08.08 I think my FI is right.. the word insanity comes to my mind....
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by JennyK I'm 90% sure I want the Sapphire package as well. I want everything included and even though it's a bit pricey, I WANT IT lol But right now we have it as, if less than 75 people come, then it'll be the Sapphire, if more than that come, then it'll be the next one down which is the Lady Di Ruby. The luggage bag isn't too big.. I just measured mine and they're about 2 1/2" tall x 3 1/2" long Thanks for measuring it! I am having 40 guests (My TOTAL MAX!! ok.. may be 50) Anyway, for this size I thought Sapphire was the best bet for sure. Remember.. DO NOT ORDER THE SALMON! Other than that, other dishes were These are the names of the dishes we had: in case u are curious which picture was for what.. Vine Ripened Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella Napoleon, Basil Oil and Balsamic Syrup (No surprise there, pleasant dish) Lettuce and Watercress Salad, Mandarin Segment, Citrus and Chive Vinaigrette (very refreshing and nice. Anyone can enjoy) Millefeuille of Goat Cheese and Bell Pepper, Mix of Greens, Lemon Vinaigrette (this was VERY good.. we really enjoyed this one, but as you know, goat cheese isn't for everyone I think..) Roasted Grouper Filet in a Savory Star Anis and Saffron Light “Au Jusâ€, Croustillant of Risotto (this was good! fresh fish) Pan Seared Imported Salmon Filet with a Sesame Crust, Soy Beurre Blanc, Scented with Basil and Ginger (NOT GOOD) Broiled Imported Black Angus Beef Tenderloin, Maturini Style Sauce with Aged Dark Rum, Pine Nut and Raisin (this was pretty good)
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by JennyK We were only going to have a tasting the week of the wedding.. I had heard good things about the food so I wasn't too worried. Did you decide on the package? and thank you hahaha, your welcome!! Well, we are kind of doing a custom package... so to speak... As you know, they are very flexible with whatever you want, so I have been putting in a few special request, like the Korean Traditional tea ceremony, dinner from Aioli, and also I am looking at bringing our own alcohol.. What are you doing with beverage option? Are you having an open bar? Our guests are not a big drinker, so I thought it may be cheaper if I use one of those beverage delivery services, and pay the corking fee instead...... I don't know.. I am still debating on that. For the program, it is pretty standard though.. Ceremony, Cocktail reception, Dinner reception, Korean tea ceremony, dance party afterwards.. I haven't ironed out everything yet, that is basically it for now.. Have you chosen a package? Before I met with Jesica, I was thinking of choosing the Sophia's Sapphire package. We had tasting from that menu. Oh, one question for you! I saw your post about the pop-up sea shell luggage bag! which I TOTALLY LOVE! I am thinking of using them as STD! Could you tell me how big they are? I am going to order it on-line but want to buy paper boxes for them too as soon as possible.. Thanks!! anna
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by nde062010 Riviera ... would you be able to give me some prices (dinner/reception, wedding, flowers) when you get them? I've only been looking at all-inclusives ... I want to see how they compare Sure, no problem. I am attaching the documents I got from Le Meridien. If you can't view them, or can't download them due to lack of points (I had this problem before), just PM me with your e-mail addy and I will forward it to you. Hope this helps! Le Meridien Wedding Packages.doc
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Kits55 Riveria: Thanks for the great review on Le Meridien. I have been looking different resorts for months and can't believe i didn't find this website until just last night! I do have a question for you that doesn't have to do with the resort. I am Korean, though my fiance is not. I want to incorporate a slightly Korean theme into my wedding (i'm looking around Tulum) but I don't know how to do it. I've only been to Korea once, and only for 5 weeks. Do you have any suggestions for me, also are you using Korean favors for your guests? If so, where are you getting yours? Thanks, Kelly Kelly, welcome to the forum! This website is awesome isn't it?? I learned so much from all the girls (and boys) on this forum and it helped me so much in site decision making! A fellow Korean girl! I am definitely incorporating Korean flare to the wedding along with Mexican theme. I am still in the beginning stage of the planning, so I haven't really gone far on looking for all the details! I don't know what color theme you are having, but for me, I was thinking of multiple colors, which I thought was very ethnic (both Korean and Mexican), so from that, one of idea I had was (other than the Korean tea ceremony I am organizing...) to have Korean dolls on the wedding cake, for example... I think you can also use chopsticks as an added element to the table setting, with a nice case. see picture below, I just downloaded pictures from internet just now.. When are you planning on having your wedding? I am almost there on finalizing my date for Dec.13th this year, and if yours is later than that, I am sure I can feed you more information as my planning progresses a bit more! As far as getting these favors, for me it is not too hard to get items like these because I live in New Jersey (decent size Korean population with a good size Korean town) and work in New York (32nd to 34th street between 5th and 6th is a small korean town), which gives me pretty good korean resources. Also because I have a lot of friends in Los Angeles, (A HUGE Korean town) I have very good access that way as well. I believe you can purchase a lot of the items on-line as well; I haven't started my search yet, but if I come across really good sites, I will let you know. I saw a blog, I believe it was part of theknot site,where a Korean couple posted their wedding at Le Meridien, which can give you an idea on how they used Korean theme into their wedding.. I can't remember the site addy and I can not seem to find it! I will keep on looking, and when I find it I will PM you or post it here for you. anna
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by DanielleNDerek That's a great site review and pics for any girl looking at LeMeridien. I was watching a show on the travel channel last week "Top 10 Exclusive Resorts in Mexico" and the LeMeridien was #2 it looked gorgeous. Thank you so much for your reply! It is so awesome to hear that!!! The resort is really pretty, and it felt very private, and cozy.. My friend who is from Cancun originally recommended Le Meridien, and that same girl recently got engaged, and she is booking with Le Meridien as well!! We are so excited we will be planning the wedding together! I will try to post as much information I can get out of her! Cancun local girl!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by JennyK So where is it that they get their food from if not from Aioli's? I am not sure where they get the food from.. We had our tasting at Aioli restaurant, so I do believe the food is prepared on the hotel ground.. possibly at Aioli restaurant kitchen, but with a different chef who is in charge of group events. Are you planning on having a tasting? P.S. I love your photo, you guys look so cute together!!!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by JennyK The pictures aren't working but the review was great!!! You got a lot more accomplished than I did on my site visit so I'm taking your word on the food. Thanks Jenny for your support and your help on the pictures!! Gosh, it is not easy is it.... As for the food, the food in general was not bad. BUT! I can tell you right now, do not order the salmon. According to Francisco, salmon is imported, and the quality is not good. If you want a seafood option, I would recommend the grouper fish, or shrimp dish. Now if I can fix thoes missing pictures... I will make some modification soon, but for now, I am all set for Le Meridien review..
  15. Part 5. While we were staying at Le Meridien, we were fortunate enough to take a peak at a wedding they were holding that night. It was a Mexican wedding, which consisted of three ceremonies. The legal ceremony with 40 guests (at the small gazebo), The religious ceremony with 60 guests (at a church near by), Reception dinner and party with 250 guests (at the large gazebo). It was a very elaborate wedding, with fire works at night! Check out the photos below! The staff; Bartenders, waiters, Jesica and her team all looked very nice and professional. The civil ceremony at the small gazebo The reception at the large gazebo above Yup. They had fireworks... I don't know how much that cost. I didn't even bother asking Jesica. That's me posing to get the sense of scale. The only concern I have with this hotel is the construction on the next property. Jesica told us that it is concrete structure and noise should not be an issue. The construction is scheduled to go on until next year September. Also, the construction is on the opposite side from the wedding area, so you will hardly get a view of this while your ceremony is going on. We loved the hotel in general. The staff speak English well and very friendly, nice and polite. I am 99% sure that we will be having our wedding at Le Meridien but am still waiting on final numbers and details to come back to us from Jesica. I hope this review helps other brides looking for the perfect location for their weddings! HAPPY PLANNING!