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I've been getting really discouraged trying to plan for a wedding on January 1, 2008. Most of the hotels are 2 to 3 times what they would normally be, because of the holidays, and this makes them all too expensive for our guests. It seems like my options are either to not have the wedding I really want, figure out how to take out a huge loan to cover the additional costs, or change my date.


The more research I do, the more I love the idea of our guests, my fiance, and me to all be able to stay in the same all-inclusive resort. We have always done the budget traveling, staying at the cheapest hotels, eating at the cheapest restaurants, and I really want my family to be able to experience being pampered for once. If we keep our current wedding date, they'll have to go the budget route again, and this breaks my heart.


We need to plan our wedding around school schedules, since my fiance and I are both students, my 3 little siblings are all in school, and most of our friends are still in school. Christmas vacation seemed ideal. The only other option is to have it over summer vacation.


The main pro I can see for summer vacation (specifically late July, early August) is that everything is SO much cheaper. I just did a few quick price checks, and my family would be able to afford staying at an all-inclusive if we had it over the summer. However, I'm worried about the temperature, hurricanes, and rain. Also, that's only 4.5 months away, so it might be harder for people to get days off work and to plan their vacations.


I don't get a summer vacation next year or the year after (my school goes all year after 1st year), so the options are pretty much just this summer, or Christmas vacation.


Sorry this ended up so long. I'm kind of depressed right now, and would really appreciate advice on what to do.

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Hi Sophie,

I had the same issue! I orginally planned something for FEB 2008 but now getting married on May 31, 2007 @ the Excellence Resort. So I am totally in planning mode! The prices would have been crazy high in Feb so May 2007 it is! We are from the East Coast and wanted to get away for the winter but after looking at the prices during the 1st week in Feb...we were like WHOA! So a wedding in May will kick off our summer along with a AHR in July!

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Oh, and to make this comparison a little more tangible, here are some samples of prices I've been able to find:


7/26/07 to 8/3/07 Hotel for 8 nights + Flight from LAX

Barcelo Maya Beach Resort (AI) $1,048 per person

Barcelo Tucancun Beach (AI) $927 pp

Grand Palladium Colonial Resort & Spa (AI) $1,221 pp

Avalon Grand Cancun (AI) $975



12/26/07 to 1/3/08 Hotel for 8 nights + Flight from LAX

Hacienda Vista Real Resort & Spa (AI) $2,781 pp

(I realize this might be a more expensive hotel than the ones I listed for the 7/26 to 8/3 dates, but this was the only AI that was available for 12/26 to 1/3 on BookIt. com)


12/26/07 to 1/3/08 for Hotel only (from Hotels.com)

Barcelo Maya Beach Resort (AI) $595 per night

Barcelo Tucancun (AI) $412 per night


A lot of hotels don't have 12/26 to 1/3 available, so it makes comparing harder. But it's obvious things are way cheaper in July/August, and that there are many more options.

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Hi Sophie,


I had the same problem, was trying to plan for this new years as well, and finally changed the date because it was just ridiculous, I was looking at much worse hotels just to make it affordable, so I think it is sensible to change the date, you will get so much more for your money!


I went the other route, and pushed it out to 2008, but I think you could make it be earlier... what I would do is write a list of the people that are really important to me, and that I really really want to be there, and check with them that they could make it this summer... Then just let everyone else know and see who can and can't make it...


But yes, new years is NOT A GOOD TIME.

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Hey Sophie,


Since late Feb 2008 prices are not out yet, I was able to check prices during the 1st week of Feb and the prices are double to what the prices are for the last week in May. I assume since I wanted to get married mid FEB (peak travel) the prices could even triple! My family is okay not great about it the wedding being this year eventhough they orginally planned for next year. Lets just say my inlaws think it is extremely rude of us to have a DW and then told us they will go and act sweet to us but I found out today my future mom in law is complaining to people behind our back!rant.gif

We are anticipating about 10 people which is totally fine with us but we will be having a big AHR in July. Anyway, I will be in touch with my TA tomorrow to see what group rate I could get so I will let you know what she says. I would totally just do it this year as it will be more cost effective for everyone ESPECIALLY you and your fiance!:)

PS. I stayed at the Grand Palladium this past FEB 2007 and would not recommend it for a wedding. IT is fine for a mini vacation but not for your special day. PM and I can send you pics


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Hi Sophie,


I plan on getting married in the Summer of either '08 or '09. We went down last August to Playa del Carmen and the weather was fine. It did rain a bit here and there but all in all we still had a terrific trip! Maybe plan a location underneath an awning or overhang of some sort...? (just in case!)


Sorry to hear about the in-law mess! That's the WORST!!!!! I feel your pain though. wink.gif


I'm sure a Summer wedding will be great. I'd say the earlier in the Summer you can do it, the better.


Good luck!

Jaime :)

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Sophie, for the December to January that you've been checking, you won't be able to find prices yet. Most resorts haven't published their 08 rates yet, which is why it's only showing the one really expensive resort. I'm not sure if a TA would be able to get you actual rates, but it's worth checking. It will be more expensive though. I think a summer wedding would be great, and we'll all certainly help you with some ideas to get the planning ball rolling.

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Sophie, we are getting married June 8 2007 in RM at the Moon Palace Resort...It is expensive, but it all inclusive and we figured our guests would really love that. And they are really excited about going and not paying for a thing except tips...Let me know if I can help out in any way possible.



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