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Autumn, I think going to Vegas is a great idea! We were just there and had thought about it, but we were with the wrong people. I can't see your pics yet (urgh) but they sounds friggin awesome!! Have fun!!!

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Hi Ladies!


I just realized how long I have been MIA from the Forum- it took me the past hour to catch up! I started a new job last month and have been crazy busy and stressed with last minute planning details... just when I thought I had it all figured out, something new is added to my "to do" list. I am tempted to add the bathroom decor, but better not give myself another task. Nice touch though.


We had our "recon" to Dreams last weekend. It was at 70 percent occupancy and it was an ideal time to try out all the restaurants, etc. Rebeca is so great to work with; she found time for us even while in the midst of 2 weddings that were happening. The food was fantastic. The resort was all I had hoped for. I'm so glad that we went and will include some random bits of information that may be of no use to you, but were significant for us.


We were going to use a local DJ until Dream's gave us a contract for outside vendors that required us to pay an additional $1000; we are going to use their DJ.


Our options for outdoor reception space were limited to Las Palmas (which is small for 90 people) and the World Cafe (which is semi public). The beach is booked for the Mexican Fiesta night. Rebeca and her manager came up with a plan to fit our 90 guests at Las Palmas- at least it looks good on paper. They will set up the DJ area and dance area after dinner, move a bar area and serving area, and make it comfortable. They promise they have done it before without difficulty. I have no choice but to trust them to make it great. I don't want to move it to World Cafe.


We can't use the gazebo for the ceremony because there is not enough room for our large wedding party and guests, so we are going to have it on Oceana beach...it is beautiful.


We were going to charter a boat for a sunset cruise the day prior to the wedding. We met with the tour guy and it all seemed so sketchy. We decided to do a bonfire with a bar set up on the beach during the sunset hour. The sunset is amazing. We are going to use our included Mexican trio for this prenuptial beach event so we can all enjoy them. Otherwise the wedding party and parents would miss the whole thing due to wedding pictures during the cocktail hour. So, we are skipping the cocktail hour between the wedding and the reception and hosting it on the beach the night before. Guests not in the wedding party, can either make a quick trip to their rooms or go directly to their tables and order a drink for that hour.


I just received my table covers from efavormart.com. They are perfect and will make such a difference. Thanks so much for that tip! I bought both navy and aqua organza table covers to add some color. Rebeca is letting me use vases to hold the bridesmaid bouquets for 6 of the centerpieces. I only need to bring some of those colored gel balls ( IDK what they are called or where to find them) to put in vases.


We are doing the legal wedding, and I think I finally have it all arranged. Dreams actually contracts with an outside company to make the arrangements. It cost $350. The details from Patrica at Incredible Weddings and Events follow:



 You must obtain original certified copies of your Birth Certificate. The copies need to be dated one year or less before the wedding date. IMPORTANT NOTE: The name that appears on your birth certificate must be the exact same name you have on the photo ID you will be identifying yourself with, as they will not accept your documents otherwise. (Original certified copy and copy).

USA: If you have a USA citizenship certificate instead of the birth certificate, you need to get a recent (one year or less) notarized copy of the certificate of USA Citizenship and send it to be apostilled)


Canadians: If you have a Canadian citizenship certificate instead of the birth certificate, you need to get a recent (one year or less) notarized copy of the certificate of Canadian Citizenship and send it to get the legalization from the Mexican consulate (Stamp and sign).


(NOTE: Once you have your recent certified birth certificate, please scan and forward to us along with your picture ID so we can make sure all info is correct before you go through any other procedures such as getting the Apostille from your Secretary of Stateâ€s office or legalization through the Mexican Consulate (depending on your country of origin).


Please check info below:


Canadians: Must have their long form of the birth certificate stamped and signed by a Mexican consulate (legalized birth certificate).

Other foreigners: These then need to be sent to the Secretary of State office in your State of Origin (where you were born). The Secretary of State has offices that issue a document called APOSTILLE, document which is mandatory in order to get married legally down in Mexico. This will be stapled as a cover page on top of the certified copies of each certificate. VERY



 Recent original copy of the certified death certificate or divorce decree from any previous spouse. (The copy needs to be dated one year or less before the wedding date). If your divorce decree indicates after how much time you are allowed to get married again, these indications are valid for a marriage in Mexico, if there are no indication at all, please not that at least a year must have be passed since the death or divorce before you can remarry here… This document needs to be send to get the Apostille too (Or certified stamped by a Mexican consulate if your country doesnâ€t use the apostille)


 Clear copies of your passports


 Two witnesses over the age of 18 (who are not Parents or Grandparents). They will need to provide Passport copies when they get to Puerto Vallarta.


 FMT tourist card (This document will be given to you by the airline and stamped by the Immigration Officer upon arrival in Mexico).


 Blood test must be performed in Vallarta before the wedding.


 Couple must attend a chat given by a social worker at a government office (DIF)


 Translations of all the documents (the translations of the documents must be done by the official translator of the city hall in Puerto Vallarta).


•Please check with your local marriage license office to see what they require to register your foreign marriage license. Some States ask for additional certified copies of the license. This would take 2 working days, $5.00 US per copy, and an additional cost applies if we need to FEDEX if you are gone the following week. If you need your marriage license translated into English, the cost for translation is $35.00 US.

Important note: FYI, the ceremony can only be booked with the judge for a certain day until we receive the original documents, which is when we can request an exact time for your ceremony to be held by the judge. We cannot confirm an exact time in advance and times are subject to availability from the judgeâ€s office so please take this into consideration when scheduling your event.


Important note: Your Mexican marriage license is Legal; it is accepted in most countries/States. However you still need to inquire with your local marriage license office on how they will enter your marriage license. Here you are entered in the books, but Mexico does not send over the information to the US. This is up to you!


Note: You need to arrive to Puerto Vallarta, up to one week before to your wedding date to take you to a pre-marital video watching (DIF) & mandatory blood test

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Wow, Kim! Thanks for all the great info! So glad to hear you're happy w/ choosing Dreams - it's always nice to hear how great it is there! You guys must be getting super excited!!


We were thinking of using an outside dj as well - was the extra $1000 a fee for using outside vendors or was that the cost of the dj?

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Ugh, the legal stuff sounds massively draining, but do-able. What's a "long form" of a birth cert? And how do you get it stamped and signed by a Mexican consulate? Do you just fax it to the wedding company? At least I have lots of time to figure this all out. What's with the having to arrive "up to one week" before your actual wedding datehuh.gif


Thanks for sharing your info!

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Congrats Autumn on not being single anymore!! I hope your vegas day was amazing and everything you hoped it to be! Loved your inspiration board by the way!


Kimber thanks for the awesome review on Dreams!! Def. let us know how the bonfire turns out, I know some of us were also considering doing that as a welcome dinner! You are getting so close, I am super jealous! When do you leave??


AprilMay, I was told by Rebeca that you only have to be there 3 full days before getting married in order to be able to do the legal part down there. But it could have changed, it is some way for Mexico to establish you as a "resident" or something like that. That is why we are getting married in the States before we go. It is only $35 at the courthouse and $350 in mexico. And besides doing it in the courthouse is just the legal part, it won't feel real till you walk down the aisle surrounded by friends and family is how I feel.

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