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Riu Montego Bay (RMB) Wedding Dates * Important Links Here*

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Please use this thread only to list your wedding dates. I will keep the original posting updated whenever new dates get added. I'd also like to include links to important threads here as a central location for the RMB. This will help new brides along in the planning process. So please post any threads that you feel are important, with a reason why (if it isn't obvious from the thread title), and I will keep this posting updated.


Thanks ~ Carly


Check out these threads for helpful info on Riu Montego Bay




BDW Weddings Taking Place at Riu Montego Bay (ROR)


December 2008 Brides

RMB12/4/08 – wedding December 4, 2008

Indigo – wedding December 6, 2009


January 2009 Brides

ToBeMitchell – wedding January 17, 2009


February 2009 Brides

Scro – wedding February 27, 2009

LilPaisley – wedding February 28, 2009, there Feb 26 - March 3


March 2009 Brides

Trice – Wedding 3/7 At Resort March 4 thru 9

YoursTruly – wedding March ?, 2009

KellyG24 – wedding March 7, 2009


April 2009 Brides

Starryt - April 4, 2009

Marshall1980 – wedding April 11, 2009

MontegoBay09 – wedding April 15, 2009, there April 11-18

Jjurick – wedding April 18, 2009


May 2009 Brides

tammyerb – MOH in cousin’s wedding May 6, 2009

Jamaica May2009 – wedding May 16, 2009

krissysnow - May 16, 2009


June 2009 Brides

SRobins14 - wedding June 13, there June 10-15, then off to Negril

Jamaica0619 - wedding June 19, 2009, there June 15-23

Jbvs36022 – wedding June 27, 2009


July 2009 Brides

trina0724 – wedding July 3, 2009, there June 30th – July 9thRIUMBBride711 – wedding July 11, 2009


August 2009 Brides

swtpc (Christen) - August 5, 2009

gelzera - August 14, 2009


September 2009 Brides


October 2009 Brides

cpark - October 22


November 2009 Brides

essence0318 - November 26, 2009


December 2009 Brides


January 2010 Brides

kellyhs26 (for sister's wedding) - January 6, 2010


February 2010 Brides

McGloth - February 13, 2010

reenyw23 - February 22, 2010


March 2010 Brides

Andilea - March 11, 2010

slynn2121 - March 20, 2010


April 2010 Brides

courtngreg - April 12, 2010

jodi_22n - April 23


May 2010 Brides

Perplexy - May 5, 2010

blumenthale - May 8, 2010

clfaidl2 - May 15, 2010

Mrs K 2010! - May 29, 2009 at 4pm


June 2010 Brides

keesh70 - June 5, 2010

Amber792002 - June 8, 2010

quin_melissa - June 12, 2010

nic&mark - June 16, 2010

drucky14 - June 18, 2010


July 2010 Brides

Tracybubbles - July 2, 2010

kt1011 - July 3, 2010 at 4pm


August 2010 Brides


September 2010 Brides


October 2010 Brides


November 2010 Brides


December 2010 Brides



Originally Posted by RMB12/4/08 View Post
I had lots of questions that I forwarded onto the WC and she answered all my questions. I will try and post them so if any other RMB bride has the same questions they can see what I got for an answer. So here I go... I included all the answers that I got in red and all my questions are also listed. I know i should crazy but I just want everything to go how I want. I'm only getting married once so I want it perfect. If anyone else has anymore info to share, please do. One thing I did forget to ask was about a rehearsalhuh.gif? Anyone know if this is donehuh.gif?

>> I have a couple questions for you for my wedding. Do I need to put> the music I want played on a cd?.....YES YOU CAN DO THAT...... and> also how will it be played, for during the ceremony? WE DO HAVE A> CD PLAYER THAT YOU CAN USE.. Is there a cd player or how do you> take care of that?...YES WE DO HAVE A CD PLAYER..... Also I don't> plan on renting out anything for dancing or anything because I am> having a reception at home, but if we take certain music will they> play it for us?.....IF YOU GO AT THE DISCO AT 11PM THE WILL BE> ABLE TO PLAY A SONG FOR YOU...... Is the photographer scheduled> for my time of wedding or do I need to talk to them> directly?...YOU HAVE THE FREE PACKAGE AND NO PHOTOS AREN'T> INCLUDED..YOU WILL NEED TO CONTACT THE PHOTOGRAPHER DIRECTLY SO HE> CAN SEND YOU PRICES OF THE PHOTO PACKAGES...YOU MAY EMAIL TO> MICHAEL AT WEDDINGS@PHOTOSHOPJAMAICA.COM.... For the beach> wedding, are there chair set up or what is there for decor> there?...WE USE AVAILABLE FLOWERS FROM THE GARDEN TO DECORATE THE> SITE...WE DO PROVIDE CHAIR BUT YOU WILL RENT CHAIR COVER IF YOU> WISH..... Also my flower girl- does she have to throw real flowers> or can I have her throw silk flowers?....SHE MAY THROW SILK> FLOWERS OR REAL ONES....I also read somewhere from the weddign> director in something I got from them is there is a "release of> the doves or butterflies" for free, is that availablehuh.gif...I DON'T> KNOW OF THESE RELEASES BEING FREE...I WILL GET CONTACT INFORMATION> FROM THE DIFFERENT PLACES THAT DOES THIS AND GET BACK TO> YOU......Also you have any idea what everyone will be able to do> or will we have anytime between the wedding at 2pm ..... and the 6:30> reception time that we need to figure out something to do?...NORMALLY CLIENTS ARE LEFT ON THEIR OWN. OR YOU MAY BOOK AN> EXCURSION WITH YOUR REPRESENTATIVE THAT WILL BE SITTING IN THE> LOBBY..... Do you have any pictures of the "free bouquets" I am> still debating on if I want to make all my bouquets or have them> done there?...I DON'T HAVE THESE ATTACHED. THESE ARE SHOWN TO YOU> UPON ARRIVAL...HOWEVER, INCLUDED IN THE BOQUETS THAT YOU WILL> CHOOSE FROM ARE CARNATIONS, ORCHID, PINK GINGER, AND DAISED...YOU> MAY ALSO VISIT THE WEB-SITE AF OUR FLORIST AT> http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...LORA.COM...YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SEE SAMPLES OF THEIR> WORK...... If you could answer these questions I would greatly> appreciate it. Thank you for all your help. Also in the rooms at> the resort do they have irons,fridges and safes?...YES, THEY DO> HAVE THESE THINGS..... I am trying to make up a pre travel> information for my guests, and also to make sure I am correct, if> people want to do excursions, they can book them right at the> front desk right?...THEY MAY BOOK THEIR TOURS AT THE TOUR DESK IN> THE LOBBY, AS WELL AS THEIR REPRESENTATIVE..... Also if there are> any questions that other brides have asked and there is something> I didn't ask about I would be glad to get the information.Thank> you for all your helpThank you for contacting RIU Weddings Sales Department.>> We do not include programs for the guests, all that the package includes is what is listed in the attached document. The reception is a sit-down dinner with your guests and it is included in the package. The minister`s fee is the only quote you pay for in the Free Package.

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Hey BRIDES.... need a makeup artist?


There's a makeup artist called LONI JONES in Jamaica. She used to work for NARS... She's really good! She has a Facebook page too. check it out - She's one of the best in the island apparently!





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