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Future Barcelo Brides: I need a favor possibly...

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I am getting married in Jamaica in April 2009 and I want to get the inner tube rings like the picture below to put in my guests OOT bags. All the local ones are sold out (I waited too long), and any that I can find online are expensive.


The reason I am coming to you is that I was at the Barcelo Maya Colonial (which is attached to all the Barcelo's there in a super complex), I bought these awesome neon inner tubes from the gift store that is right by the pool for 20 pesos I think they were (MAYBE 30), which is REALLY cheap compared to the $6-8 I found them online for.


I was hoping that maybe someone would do me a favor and pick some up when they were down there for me and I would pay you obviously and for the shipping from wherever you are to get them to me. THe thing is I need about 30-32 of them.


When we were there in February the pool in the Colonial sold out of them, but the Palace still had some that were about $10-$13 each! We got gouged, but we got them anyways... :S


You can post here, PM or email me. Thanks in advance.



Click the image to open in full size.

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you've checked out all local options? That's too bad. My loblaws grocery store was clearing out the floating loungers (the long chair styles ones, not the tubes) for 75 cents so I bought 2 Tuesday night but there were tons more. If you don't mind having the chairs instead you may want to check atlantic superstore (same company as loblaws). Just an idea.


Or do you think you can make a stop at Wal-Mart in Playa Del Carmen? I'm sure they would have them there!


Not trying to distract from your original request but just trying to be helpful

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I'm not a bride, but as luck would have it, I am actually planning a trip there next month. We're staying at the Palace but I can walk over to the shops at the Colonial (we've been there before, the Tropical in 2006).


The good things is I'm also in Canada so shipping should be cheaper and yay no duty :)


PM me and we can work out the details.

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