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Originally Posted by AprilandPatrick View Post
Beautiful. What company did you use? Can you send me the information, please?
Would love to forward the info. I used Paper Vessel company and the lady custome makes each invitation design so your invitation will be totally unique. Her web site is Paper Vessel is the source for unique wedding ensembles, notecards, invitations, announcements, wraps, gift cards and page markers created from original artwork. She doesn't have many designs on her page but if you call her she will be able to show you samples.

Originally Posted by kevsgirl View Post
They're beautiful!
I actually (being a picture whore) scrolled down without reading much of what you'd written and saw the puppy feet and showed FI, who's sitting next to me at the other computer.
You were on her/his floor :)
Yeah she actually thinks she owns the whole house. There is no part of the house she doesn't hang out at.

Originally Posted by Sah View Post
I absolutely love these!!! They are beautiful and tropical. Best of luck on your upcoming wedding!
Thank you so much! Yeah my colors are actually yellow and white but since I couldn't find invitations I liked with my colors I resorted to doing tropical lookign ones instead.

Originally Posted by luckygirl View Post
Those turned out really nice. I like the font, esp. the &, do you know which font she used?
I do not know the font but I will try to get a hold of the lady that made them to see if she remembers what we used.

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I really like the woven look and the palm fronds printed lightly on the paper. it looks great together and makes me want to go on vacation NOW

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