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OOT bag contents - **Master List of Possible Items**

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wow I would love to get a bag with all of these items!!!


a friend of mine recently got married down south and by far the most popular items were personalized insulated travel mugs. Guests uses them all week to keep their drinks cold!





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Awesome list, this just saved me so much time searching for ideas. I'm still a bit away from actualy starting my OOT bags but now I know what kind of things to put in them.

I think I'm gonna do one bag per couple or room, with the individual items being doubled of course (like the travel mugs, fantastic idea by the way) and one for each of the kids that will be coming.

I also really like the idea of putting a hang-over kit in each OOT tote.

Thanks so much for this thread!!smile36.gifsmile159.gif

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Thanks for the list! I'm starting to put my OOT bags together right now. Instead of stuffing them in canvas beach bags as I had originally planned, I am putting them instead inside woven hats. Do you think customs will have an issue with the woven hats?

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