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Transporting OOT bag goodies to Mexico

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Hello everyone


I am just wondering how everyone managed to get all of their goodies to their destination. We would like to order travel mugs...but we're scratching our heads wondering how the heck we will pack 50 mugs with handles (no not stackable) and all of the other stuff too.


Any packing or shipping suggestions would be appreciated!


Thank you in advance!!

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I've been wondering that alot too - especially flying for the uk! we really want to get the color changing cups, but as most of you will know, the min order for these is 250! I haven't search the forum to find out what other people have done yet...but i'm thinking maybe i'll give it to everyone before we travel, but wrapped up...i don't know! just thinking off the top of my head!!


maybe we'll split things between our brides maid, flower girl, page bhoy and best man?! hmmm



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LOL, yeah... that was an issue for me too! What i ended up doing was packing all 35 of our mugs in a large suitcase standing up. I removed the caps of each mug and stuffed as much as I could into each mug so there wouldn't be wasted space. Then I shugged things between the mugs too! It looked just plain silly... but it worked! It was really great then on the way home too because i had a completely empty suitcase and I put my wet wedding dress in it :)

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