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Entering Jamaica from Canada with a Criminal Record

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So I found out someone in our group has a criminal record (though I'm not sure of the exact details, however it's nothing serious, like silly teenager stuff). He just applied for his Canadian passport now.


If he gets his passport does that mean that everything is cool? Or would they withhold a passport to someone with a criminal record. And if they do get the passport no problem, then is that something that comes up at the border?


I think if you have a criminal record you can't go to the US, but what about Jamaica?


Thanks in advance!

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It really depends on the type of crime and whether or not the person in question contacted Pardon Services Canada. Have they checked the website? Also, have you checked online for Jamaica entry requirements. Also, see if you can talk to your TA and see what they advise.


Finally, it says that you are located in Halifax, DAL university has a faculty of law and if anyone you know is a student they can go and asked the legal clinic there for some free advice. I think that they might also be open to the public.


Good Luck


P.S. I'll also dig around on my end here and see what else I can find out.

P.S. Also if the person committed the offense and was charge under the YOA then I think their records are sealed and they shouldn't have any problems with getting the passport or crossing the border to Jamaica.

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We may have a criminal travelling in our group. He looked into travelling and the only problem was with entering the USA. He found no problem with going to Jamaica. This did not include an actual pardon which takes awhile. He spoke with others who said they have had no problem, only going to the US. smile116.gif

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It's very true no problem going to Jamaica or Mexico with criminal record. The USA is the only country that I know of that you can't enter with a criminal record. That's one of the main reason I'm having my wedding in Mexico is because my brother is Canadian with a criminal record and he can't make it to the US. He has been to Mexico and Jamica without a problem.

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This person's offence occurred 10+ years ago (so no current probation) AND this person is just applying for a passport for the first time (like yesterday)

I contacted a friend who works for border services and this is what he said:


Well as far as getting a passport, the big thing is as long as he didn't have a criminal record and even if he did, as long as 10 years have past by he will be fine as far a receiving his Canadian passport.

Now as far as the US it is 20 years. Now once again if he will be doing any major flying into the US or driving he could always apply for a pardon. This once again is only if he received a criminal record. If he was only arrested and spent a night or two in the clink he should be fine.

Now with Jamaica as long as he has his Canadian passport he should be fine. If he was just going down with a birth certificate and ID he would be a little bit longer at Jamacian customs.

The big thing is as long as he has a Canadian Passport he will be good. The passport office will look at his record and even if it is not a criminal offence he will have to wait a little longer to receive it. If it is a criminal record, as long as it has been 10 years since he has been naughty, with no other occurrences he will be fine. Just have a longer wait.


Soooo... looks like as long as there is a Canadian Passport in hand there will be no problems. So now we just wait for that!


Thanks everyone!

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