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Things to do while on your honeymoon in Cancun

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I'd love to know what each of you are planning to do as far as activities and/or places to visit during your wedding / honeymoon in Cancun. What places do you plan on visiting? Are there any activities that you're looking forward to trying during your stay? Please share!! Also, if you've been to Cancun before and would like to suggest an activity, please do! List any websites you've found that offering activities and adventures you've come across as well.


I look forward to hearing your responses cheesy.gif

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Oh there is soooo much....It depends on what you like to do. We went down town to dance and drink quite a bit with friends and family (we love that kind of stuff)

Also the jet ski snorkeling is a lot of fun! The snorkeling isnt great but again sooo much fun! Parasail!!!!! Serenity all the way:)

I love Cozumel, but if you go there definitely snorkel or dive...the shopping is pretty much the same as cancun! There is a catamaran that goes to isla and it is a BLAST...I could keep going for hours. PM me if you need any further help

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