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*** you can pay something from United States (for example we decided to pay in advance our wedding package)***


sorry Bre! haha I wanted to say that any bride can pay in advance from her country (Spain, USA, Canada, etc...). I was watching the TV news and there was news about USA and I wrote that at the post, haha

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Hi all, Just to add another outside vendor hair and makeup commentary. I sent out requests for quotes to about 7-8 different vendors. Then (because im a geek) tracked it in excel, narrowed by price, and selected based on examples of work and interaction with the vendor. Most offered comparable services, but prices ranged quite a bit! I also found them willing to negotiate based on number of people in your party getting services. I ended up selecting Yucatan Hair/Be.So.Brides. Not only were their prices very reasonable, but my interactions with Michael have been great. Over email he asked me to send photos of my hair, and dress and my inspiration for my wedding updo. He also offers to Skype. I shared my Pinterest hair inspiration board with him. I got a good feeling about his sincerity and he was very flexible with the deposit and willing to answer all my (some rather dumb) questions. His wife is the makeup artist. I know I still have 7 months, but feel good about getting all these vendors in place!

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Originally Posted by Carlota1981 View Post


Hello ladies,


I was going to writing that at the last post and I forgot... About the cash. I was warned by Vanessa that we had to pay in cash (only dollars) the day of our meeting (this is the next day to our arrival)


- Musical trio (350usd)

- The judge (70 usd)

- Blood tests (229 usd)


We will arrive to Cancun at 7pm so we cannot go to a bank at Playa del Carmen to change euro to dollars that day (we have to pay the next day when we will have our meeting with Vanessa at 10am). I know there is the possibility to change euro at the lobbys but this is not a very good change. 


We did not want to travel with many cash but unfortunately, we finally have to do it because the rest of our vendors want the payment in cash. So we are changing dollars here in our bank as we get a much better change than at the Palladium above all when we have to obtain 2500 usd....


Regarding the payments, you can pay in any moment. Apart from the cash, you can pay something from United States (for example we decided to pay in advance our wedding package) and we will pay the rest of the balance once there. Vanessa explained me she will give us the bill at our meeting and from that moment until the previous day of the wedding you can pay it. Here we will pay with our Visa credit card as well. 

All the payments are made at your lobby.



One more thing, about the floating lanterns, I think it was me that I mentioned this.

I had that idea a couple of months ago but Vanessa told me is forbidden. She explained me that there are this kind of stalk villas and it could be dangerous, as well as for the fauna and fishes/turtles at the resort. 

My idea was to do it at the beach just at the seashore but she told me that she "i am really sorry but it is not possible to do it". It is a pity... because I would have loved to do it.... 

I am refering to this ones... because I have seen that there are also a floating candels to be at the sea... but I presume you are talking about this (the pic):






Thanks for the info about payments Carlotta. You are just full of knowledge haha I'm glad you share it all with us! :) And yes that's the floating lanterns I was talking about .. darn!

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Hi GP Brides!


It's been a while since I've posted. I had my wedding 3 months ago at GP's church- Nuestra Senora de las Nieves. I got my awesome trash the dress shoot pictures from Del Sol Photography! I've posted a review about our day with Matt Adcock. 

We also got our mini 5 minute movie from Agustin Lira of Cinematic Riviera Maya. It's posted on Vimeo.com. Look under Cinematic Riviera Maya and find Maricelle+ Michael.

They definitely captured defining moments and they have a modern and artistic way of shooting. I cried watching this mini movie because I never thought everything look as good as we imagined our day to be! You'll see the  Catholic ceremony,  DJ Doremixx with cold fireworks and lit dance floor, the exquisite flowers from Vanessa Jaimes, my hair and makeup done at the Spa, our groomsmen being good sports sweating in their Vera Wang tuxes from the Men's Warehouse. It was unusually hot and humid for April this year! But the guys looked like they stepped out of GQ magazine!

You'll see how they set up for the reception at La Laguna and the photo shoots in the covered walkways. 

A lot of love and happiness with our closest friends and family and the only stress we had was me fitting into my gown! Lay off the guacamole and salt girls!!

Oh yes, don't overpack! If you forgot something, you can always take a trip to Walmart in Playa Del Carmen which about a 20 minute car ride from GP. So much cheaper over there! Souvenirs such as maracas, fans, candles can be purchased there. 

People always remember the food and music and they will definitely remember your wedding because of this fantastic trip to Mexico!

Happy Planning to all you lovely brides!


Our Wedding gift to each other: Cenote Shoot with Del Sol Photography

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90

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Bre, you are welcome!! Thank godness Vanessa is always asking all the doubts you could have. When I asked her to send me an email with all the details about the payments, was when she told me those had to be payed with cash.


Mikeycelle, your video is beautiful. You can perfectly see all the emotions of you both around the big day. 

That is why I also have booked a videographer. 

And the pic at the cenote is awesome!



Casey, you can reach Playa with a cab or also with the public bus (they call them "van"). I took van when I was there to go to Playa del Carmen and other day to Tulum and is very easy. You just have to wait for it at the outside entrance of the resort and you will see this. If you have any doubts, then, I suggest you to ask to the security person at the entrance of the Palladium. He will explain you perfectly how to take them.

This is the cheaper way to reach Playa, Tulum or other places. I remembered I payed 2usd but this was in 2009 when I was there. A friend of mine was at GP in November because of his honeymoon and he once went to Playa by van and told me he payed 2.5usd. 



More things... Saturday I went to the wedding store for the last fitting of my gown. It alredy was perfect. Rosa Clara store has made a great job with some of the changes that I decided to make to the original design.  I am so happy with my gown that I liked more this time when I tried on, hahaha!

I forgot to tell my mom to take me a picture, but I remembered later just when the saleswoman just hung it on the hanger. This is the part about the "details" that I added at the part of the chest.




Las time I had only one line at the up and I finally decided that I wanted two lines of these material up and down. I love my dress!!! 



After the store I went for some shopping for more strapless bikinis (my dress is withouth straps), more beach wraps, etc... 

I have also found the bubbles bottles for the guests just right after the ceremony. Thomas and I have planned to buy them but I found here 8 bottles for 4 usd in total... I have given to my mom because I do not know how I am going to make with so many things! hahaha

Here in Spain after the ceremony the guests usually throw rice (the most typical), rose petals or confetti. 

We have choosen rosal petals and the bubbles at the same time. I am curious to see how it looks at the photos, hehehehe


Today we have started to record the songs for the wedding at the ipod. This was one problem for us as we had been some problems with the ipod but fortunately a friend of mine help us with this. Now I have just to finish to do it. 

We have finally decided some weeks ago to change the song for the entrance of my made of honour and mine. I really like the song Over the Rainbow but I was always thinking in having something more cheerful. And fortunately I have found one version that I love. 


We are going with the version of The Piano Guys. Have you heard it? I have not known this guys and I love their versions. This is the link to youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzF_y039slk


My made of honour is going to enter at minute 0.22 and I am going to do it at 0.44 after the "claps". I like the change here. 



More things... we have also started to "work" with the last DIY projetc: the menus. We are making it with "the message in a bottle" and special sheet of paper for giving the impression to be a real message in a bottle! we are crazy, hahah



Well girls, no more news today. 


Good night everybody, here in Spain is quite late alredy and my last week here is starting tomorrow and I have alredy small details to do and buy... It seems it never finishes.



Lauren, how was your romantic trip to Las Vegas? How was the wedding? I want to know the details !!!  wink.gif




¡¡Buenas noches!!



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Mikeycelle, it was such a pleasure to meet you guys, we had a blast! Thanks SOOO very much for embarking on the adventure with us, we hope you'll love the photo memories for a long time to come! 


I looove this shot of you! If anyone wants to see the whole cenote trash the dress shoot, just click the link!


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90

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Hi ladies,


This is a random question, but I am curious if any of you have guests who are or have booked an outside resort? I have a few family members who are discussing staying at other resorts that are cheaper. Is it customary for the bride and groom to pay for their guest pass on the day of the wedding, or do they typically pay for that themselves? I would really prefer to have everyone (especially family) stay at the same resort, but I guess I can't ask that if it's too much money for them.


Thanks girls,



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Hi, all :) Wow, this thread is really cute! All are friends with each other, huh? 

I haven't decided my AI yet, but I am seriously considering to join you guys! So, I thought I would want to poke it a lil bit here :) 


Now now, if you could help me with these questions, I'd really really appreciate it. 

1) I want to go with GP because of the crazy cute garden gazebo, but on the other hand my FI wants a really good night life, so he wants to stay resorts either in Cancun, or in Playacar centro. Could you share your thoughts on nightlife at GP? I see that there is even a disco open at night, but I don't know whether it is good enough to satisfy my FI and his crazy friends. My boy just wants to party with his friends, and he wants somewhat party atmosphere. XD Any thoughts? 


2) In the same line of thought, have any of you thought of or done some organizations to take people to Coco Bongo, or some off-resort night life scenes? Would it be far and expensive?


3)Stalking all the threads, I have seen that some people got a really decent group deals at GP. Could you be kind enough to share with me some info on whether you made your group deals directly with GP or via TA? I would normally go with a TA, but I am wondering whether in case of GP, it is better to deal with the resort.


;o;Thank you all, and I will keep coming here! =D Happy planning everyone!! 

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Hi, Mikaela-


I am just getting myself into this but I am not an expert in this, but reading BDW forums, I think I have seen both cases. I have seen brides that even have it written on their website: "If you do not stay at this resort, you will have to pay ___ priced day pass," and read other reviews that they asked guests to pay. Then, I have seen brides that just cover guest passes.


 But, in my opinion, it would really depend on who they are. If they are immediate family members, I would explain my budget situation and ask them whether they could afford their own guest passes. If they are friends, and some remote family members, I would just pay their guest passes, so that they don't think, "what? I fly all the way down here for her and she makes me pay entrance?!!" Or, if they are family members that really love me, and are there for me despite that they really can't afford trips, then, I would pay for them, too. 


H. :)

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Hi ladies,

I'm new here and I am so excited I have found this forum. Looks as though you are all able to share and give each other great advice on the upcoming GP weddings:)

I still have just under 6 months and things are moving along well, it's good to know I can come here to get some advice from fellow GP brides.

Congratulations and happy planning everyone!


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