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  1. Hey ladies, I've been thinking about the reception and photo booths came up since this is such a popular thing to do these days. Thinking about doing the work for a photobooth that will travel to Mexico sounds a bit crazy, and maybe I'm just tyring to logistically figure out how to get it done....Anyway, thought I'd throw this out to the forum. Is anyone else toying with this idea, or have done/seen it done in the past at a destination wedding? Jen
  2. Hola ladies, I just went to pick up my dress and spoke with the woman that is doing the alterations and she gave me great advice for traveling with the dress on the plane. 1) Don't bother calling ahead to see if they will accommodate the dress, they will tell you they can't guarantee that anyway 2) When you get to the gate, after you go through security, go up to the counter and tell them you are traveling with your gown and are hoping they can assist you with hanging it on the plane. 3) 99% of the time they will accommodate you and deal with it early (before everyone else boards) 4) Bring some sort of thank you for the flight attendant and give it to him/her after they assist you. "Thank you so much, I would like to give you a small token of my appreciation". A small gift box of chocolates goes a long way, since their job is often thankless. 5) Make sure you bring a second set of chocolates for the journey back! Jen
  3. Carlota- so sorry to hear about the accident in Galicia. I have been there before and found the area beutiful and the people to be very nice. I also would not worry about the made vs maid. This is called a homonym and actually can end up being a play on words. So your Maid of Honor could be Made of Honor. ( o sea hecho de honor en vez de Dama de Honor). Don't sweat the small stuff . You have enough things to be stressing over. Hang in there sweetie. Jen
  4. Hi all, Just to add another outside vendor hair and makeup commentary. I sent out requests for quotes to about 7-8 different vendors. Then (because im a geek) tracked it in excel, narrowed by price, and selected based on examples of work and interaction with the vendor. Most offered comparable services, but prices ranged quite a bit! I also found them willing to negotiate based on number of people in your party getting services. I ended up selecting Yucatan Hair/Be.So.Brides. Not only were their prices very reasonable, but my interactions with Michael have been great. Over email he asked me to send photos of my hair, and dress and my inspiration for my wedding updo. He also offers to Skype. I shared my Pinterest hair inspiration board with him. I got a good feeling about his sincerity and he was very flexible with the deposit and willing to answer all my (some rather dumb) questions. His wife is the makeup artist. I know I still have 7 months, but feel good about getting all these vendors in place!
  5. Love the ice cream options Carlota. I wish I was a guest at your wedding. That is an awesome idea.
  6. I think I have the menu options for the three restaurants if you go with dinner at one of the A la Cartes. I'll post it up to Facebook. I also just sent out a save the date for all my guests. I didn't want to print and mail twice, and most of our guests are Internet savvy. The ones that aren't we have asked other guests to assist them in getting to the information. So we sent them through Paperless Post. I paid a little to customize it and make it more in line with our theme, but they do have free options. And it's a heck of a lot cheaper then mailing anything and quicker!. An added bonus: it tracks who has received and opened it. So if time went by and it hasn't been opened I could follow up with them. Mostly our timing for the save the dates was based on getting the wedding website ready to go so that we could direct our guests to all the information they need to plan for the trip including downloadable info from our TA on different package info. The link was in the save the date so they could click and be immediately directed. I also would recommend the 4pm time. The lighting for photos is generally best right before sunset, sometimes referred to as the "magic hour".
  7. Hi Norma, I don't have a direct response about the differences, but Palladium Addict has this description: This Grand Palladium Resort consists of the Kantenah, Colonial, White Sands, Riviera and Royal sections. All of these sections offer the most modern and luxurious facilities for their guests, including the state of the art Zentropía Palladium Spa & Wellness. Grand Palladium Riviera Maya is a vast ecological wonderland with wonderful beaches and pools. Each of the five sections of the resort has its own ambiance that blend to make a fantastic vacation experience
  8. Thank you ladies for sharing so many fun details! Carlota - I will look at Floreria Iris! Thank you for the tip! It is fun to hear about your planning and all the details falling into place. I'm excited about your dress fitting! Lauren - I have gotten advice from several friends that you lose weight the weeks just before the wedding without trying from all the last minute plans and items that need to get done. I guess running around leaves little time for eating and burns lots of calories! Two friends had their final fittings and then lost more weight and had to safety pin their dress!
  9. Hey everyone, I want to get some bridesmaids bouquets for the 3 girls in my wedding, since the package only comes with the one for the bride and the GP options are pretty slim. I asked for a quote from a vendor and they had a minimum order that was 4 times what the flowers I would need would be and almost half the order was delivery fees. Anyone have any luck with small flower orders being delivered to GP? -JenCadiz
  10. Hey all, Just thought I would share some new insight on the decor for the Karen Bussen packages. I was thinking I could choose one of the color options and add a second color through some DIY decorations. Apparently adding decorations to the chairs, space, tables is not permitted. I'm sure it has something to do with the integrity of the designer's vision. Anyway, what you can add color through are programs, favors, table cards. I was a bit bummed about this at first, but the silver lining is that it means less DIY work for me! Just thought I would pass it along.
  11. Hi Carlota! I was also wondering if you are having a meeting up event that evening? For example we are going to have an informal cocktail gathering at one of the bars (perhaps Churchill/Hemingway) and you could give the info and time to your guests before the trip. Then you could distribute them there. KylieD, Outside vendors are allowed without a fee. You may need to include them in the guest count for dinner though (since generally you need to provide a meal for them). We are bringing in an outside photographer and it is not an issue, but you will need to let your coordinator know so that they can meet them in the lobby on the day of. -Jen
  12. I too am curious about if anyone has done the buffet dinner. Seems like it would be frustrating to have everyone getting up for food the entire time. Cant really have an organized dinner or do toasts (which we are planning to do then). Our list is hovering somewhere around 50 guests and we are struggling with having to pay for a private reception for 10 people more. If it was $50/ person over 40 guests I could swing it but 50x$50 is another story.
  13. Hi Becci, I'm new to this forum, but I was down there a few weeks ago and I had a tour of the spaces so ( a pre-wedding site visit so that we could visually see everything). We are planning a February 26th wedding - a week after you! The Portofino provides the outdoor privacy, which is the selling point of the restaurant. I believe that the other two restaurants are indoors. But do have a section reserved for your party. -Jen
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