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  1. Hi Liana I went with a TA, but one from Ontario, not Alberta where I live now. My best advice would be to get a local TA, one where you can pop in and chat with him or her, and get your questions answered without waiting for email responses. I know obviously you have to wait sometimes, for them to get answers from the airlines, etc. But you want to know that you're a priority. Also, because I used a TA out in Windsor, she was unfamiliar with WestJet and their booking procedures, change guidelines, etc. and it added a LOT of confusion for our guests. Make sure your TA has done business with the airline or tour compay you're using before, so that she's not 'learning' throughout your wedding. Let us know what you decide! ~Lauren
  2. Hi Ladies, I'm writing a huge review here but without the pics..... but I will copy it into a document that everyone can open on the Facebook page as well. Here is my experience with our wedding at Grand Palladium. I’m writing a super long review and I’m writing it now while it’s still fresh in my mind. This is a combination of my trip advisor review but with WAY more wedding related details for you guys. The beginning is going to sound a bit negative because we did have some bumps and it’s important that you know about them so that they can hopefully be avoided. I really think that no matter what resort you choose you’re bound to have some issues and overall I’m 100% happy with our resort choice. I don’t have any actual pictures of the wedding day yet, but as soon as I get those I’ll post them for you. I know that’s what you’ll be most interested in. J In the meantime I’ve added a few pictures of the resort and rooms for you here. Here is my review: Our wedding trip to Grand Palladium White Sand began with challenges but ended up on a high note. Upon check in at White Sands we shared that we were getting married at the resort and were bringing 60 people with us. We did not even get a congratulations, but maybe it was a language barrier. We are really laid back people who work hard and don’t ever expect things to be handed to us but we were looking forward to being treated specially during our stay because we were getting married. We heard time and time again (from other brides and even tripadvisor reviews) that people get upgraded to the Royal Suites but even still, we did not want to take a chance with our wedding so we had paid a LOT more than our family and friends to ensure that we had a Mayan Suite booked in the White Sand section. Looking back now I would book the cheapest and hope for the best. You’re more likely to get an upgrade if you haven’t already spent any money is what it seems like. When we arrived 3 days ahead of our guests, we were given our suite in the White Sand but no upgrade. Not a huge deal since that is of course not a guarantee. I had filled out a room upgrade request before we left for the resort and received a response saying it would be $90 a night to upgrade from a Mayan Suite to the Royal Suites. When we arrived at our room there was a large hole dug outside of it and yellow precaution (crime scene!) tape out front to block the hole. I just kept thinking that would not look so good in our wedding pictures! Again, not a huge deal but I was starting to get a bit frustrated. It looked like a scene out of Criminal Minds! The hole got bigger and bigger over the 3 days we were in this room too – and every time we left the door there were workers outside in the hole digging. It had to be done I guess, but it was really awkward. The room itself was gorgeous though and we were happy. The next day we got 3 phone calls asking when the bell boys could pick up our luggage because they thought that we were checking out. We explained each time that we were actually staying for another 10 days as we had just arrived the night before, but the communication didn’t seem to be happening. We had to go back to the lobby and try to explain our situation which took a lot of time but eventually it got figured out. The giant hole out front of our first room, the beautiful view from the back: The rain started and lasted for the next 2 days and our room leaked and leaked so we had to move everything to the centre of the room and use all of our beach and bath towels to block the puddles from spreading onto our things. We told the front desk, but it didn’t make a difference. I think it’s probably just the way things are this time of year when it rains. When the first of our guests began arriving it took almost 2 hours to check in 17 people. All of them were booked for White Sand but only 4 of the 17 actually got rooms there – the rest were in Riviera which is a much farther walk. I guess it is not guaranteed that you will get a room at White Sand but we weren’t aware of that and it really spread out our group. My aunt also requested a room next to her son who is younger, but she was in Riviera and he was in White Sand. She was upset but was told there was nothing available. Two hours later when more of our guests checked in, 8 of them were all in the same building in White Sand. It seems like there could have been something worked out without all of the frustration. Four people who were offered upgrades from the Junior Suites to the Royal Suites (a 3 level jump) for $30 a night - not the $90/night that we were quoted even though we had already paid quite a bit more for a Mayan Suite not to mention it was our wedding and it would have only been a 1 level jump. Another 2 rooms of our guests were given welcome fruit baskets, a bottle of tequila and honeymoon signs although it was not their honeymoon. We did receive a fruit basket too, but nothing else even though we were the couple holding our wedding on the resort. Yet another couple was offered the honeymoon dinner. We had received a letter stating that during our stay there was NO honeymoon dinner that would be offered so I went to the front desk with my friend’s offer letter and after that we were given reservations but again no apology for any mix up. After another group of friends arriving later that evening were offered an upgrade I expressed my frustration again at the front desk. We were sent back and forth by the front desk to a few people but no one seemed to be able to help or care. I spoke to someone for about 30 minutes before he finally told me he could and would do nothing, but to speak to a manager in the morning. Perhaps the front desk staff don’t have the knowledge or empowerment to help, but it was not the experience I had expected, especially as a return guest who has previously had a fantastic trip to the same resort. That was the main reason I planned our wedding here. It’s great when others are offered upgrades for no reason, but we personally found the inconsistency very unfair. We felt as though we had a black cloud over our head at our own wedding! I finally found a manager named Laura who was the only one who seemed to make things right. I had to fight to talk to her and at this point felt like I had wasted a good 4 hours of our trip. Laura said that she would upgrade us to the Royal Suites. She was professional and courteous and apologetic. I had to run to my hair trial appointment at the spa to prepare for the wedding, but I got Tyrel to bring two of his groomsmen with him to pack up all of our things as Laura said that the bell boys would be at our room at 5pm to pick up our stuff and bring it to the Royal Suites. Of course they did not show up. Tyrel called at 5:30 and was told they were coming. They did not. Now he had wasted 2 more hours of his day sitting in our room (on a no rain day!) waiting. We had a scheduled rehearsal dinner for 30 people at Portofino restaurant that he needed to get to for 6pm so he called again and said to leave our things there, that we would have to deal with it after dinner. Meanwhile I didn’t know that they had not shown up, I rushed back from the salon to the Royal area to change into my special rehearsal dress for dinner and none of my things were there. No one knew where they were. So I went to dinner in the plain, sweaty clothes I had on. I had turned in my old room key so I couldn’t even check the old room nor did I have time. After dinner we found out that the bell boys had taken our things anyway sometime after I had been to the new room, but they forgot one of our bins of wedding things so we then had to track it down too. We feel like we wasted SO much time because of the lack of communication, inconsistency and unprofessionalism. I’m happy to say that after that things got better. The new room was gorgeous – a Mayan Suite at the Royal. The resort itself is gorgeous. It is impeccably clean everywhere you look. Even the days that it rained the staff were working so hard to mop up the puddles and to keep things safe and comfortable. We didn’t find the walking too bad at all, but I can see if you have problems with long distances that it would not be a resort for you. We had a few guests with kids and strollers and it was tough for them to go up and down all of the stairs. Almost all of the staff that we encountered were very friendly and always said hello as we walked by. There was never a problem finding a chair in the sun or a shady spot if you want. The pools are huge and clean and you can bring floaties if you want because there is so much space. The pool bar at the White Sand was very slow. Most people had to get out of the pool to get drinks or wait for a long time because there was only ever one or two people working when they could have done with a few more for the amount of people in the pool. You can’t leave messages on room phones so it was a bit difficult travelling with such a large group to coordinate things. There is no room service in the rooms either unless you’re in the Royal Suites. The air conditioning in the rooms worked well and the maids were really great too. The wildlife was so cool! It was nice to see and really added to experience. A definite plus! If you get a chance to get out in the ocean and play on the giant inflatable slide and water trampoline do it…. So fun! It is a huge resort so try to pick a spot in the beginning of the week and stick with it. My group could usually be found around the pool bar! The Mayan Suite at Royal, our floaties in the pool, ocean blow up slide, the pool bar at White Sand: The food is delicious and I love to eat. There are no reservations at most a la carte restaurants. We were often told it would be an hour and a half wait but the longest we ever waited, even trying to seat 14 people, was 20 minutes. Our favourite restaurants were the Japanese restaurant Sumptuori in the Kantenah, Ribs and More at the White Sand, Portofino at White Sand and El Dorado at the Colonial. We had a waiter named Victor for a scheduled family dinner for 20 of us at El Dorado and he was amazing! So funny and personable. He brought us flaming tequila shots, did hilarious things with napkins and danced with my mom, even pulling out a chair and dancing on top of it because she was so much taller than him. No matter where we were I never waited for a refill or to have my water topped up. We personally did not like Rodizio the Brazilian restaurant that much mainly because we’re spoiled here at home and when we turned it to green to have the meat start coming we waited a really long time before anyone stopped at our table. By the time they did our rice and veggies were ice cold. We were able to get reservations at Punta Emilia for dinner although this was another fight. We wanted them for our last night so knowing we had to make reservations a day in advance, we called to book. We were told that they were sorry and it could not be done as this is the only restaurant that requires reservations 2 days in advance. I am certain that we were told it was only 1 day, and I was shocked later when my mother told me that my aunt had made reservations for Punta Emilia just the day before (1 day in advance) for 4 people. Nora at the Royal Suites lobby was another person who helped us a lot during our stay. She remembered our name and room number and always asked how we were doing and how things were going. When I approached her about this latest inconsistency she was able to secure us reservations for the next night. The food at Punta Emilia was incredible! By far the best we had the whole week, especially if you love seafood. The lobster was HUGE! The chef even came out to see how everything was which was really nice. I used the spa for many services while I was at Grand Palladium. It is an awesome thing to have there. The pool and services that are free for now I am very glad we were able to take advantage of. Come November these will no longer be free so it was great to use them. I had a hair trial, my hair and makeup done the day of the wedding, a foot massage and a couple’s massage with champagne on the beach. THAT was amazing! I would highly recommend the spa as I was seriously impressed all around. The beach massage area and the view from it: On our final night our butler Alberto in the Royal Suites left rose petals and tea lights all over our room in a path leading up to our tub. There were rose petals in the shape of a heart floating on the bubbles and champagne chilling ready to be opened. It was such a wonderful surprise. It meant a lot to us to finally have our wedding acknowledged. It’s kind of hilarious, but Tyrel got in, poured the wine and was waiting, and then I went to get in – accidentally kicked the glass into the tub where is shattered into tiny bits and pieces. Hhahahaha, it was really too bad, but I’m such a klutz and it makes a good story now. Obviously the bath went to waste, he had to jump out quickly before he got cut, but we still enjoyed the champagne (out of one glass!) in bed. Our wedding day was absolutely perfect in every way. Our wedding coordinators who I had worked with for over 8 months were absolutely incredible! Their names were Vanessa and Nidia and on the day of our wedding some of the other coordinators helped out too. I cannot even begin to describe to you how hard they work or how thankful we are for all that they did for us. The communication was unbelievable. If I emailed them once, they’d email back twice. If I had a question leading up to the day, they answered it and exceeded my expectations. They offered suggestions and friendship. They made me feel leading up to our day and on our day the way we were supposed to feel – important and special. I really appreciated that we could personalize our wedding at this resort as a lot of other resorts have prepackaged things that you have to take and if you don’t like the options there is not much else you can do to personalize. I think Grand Palladium has just started this too but we booked when you could still do things the way that worked for you. When I was initially looking into having my wedding here I was fairly certain that this resort would be it because of my previous experience here and it’s affordability for everyone however I emailed a few other resorts just to keep my options open. The wedding coordinators here emailed me back immediately and I pretty much had my entire wedding booked before I ever even heard back from other resorts. The morning of our wedding my mom, girlfriends and I went to the buffet at the Colonial so that we wouldn’t run into the guys. We took the Royal car around to pick up the dresses from each of their rooms and take them to my room. I had to get special permission to have my mom and bridesmaids come back to my room in the Royal to get ready for 2 hours which I thought was stupid. Especially because other times my friends with White Sand wrist bands were walking around and Royal drivers would offer them a ride! All of the drivers were so nice and always talked to us, asked questions and were fun. But it seems like if you try to follow the rules you don’t get as much as if you’re a jerk and rude to people. Maybe I should try being more of a jerk haha. My bridesmaids and my mom and I at breakfast: After dropping off the dresses, we went immediately to the spa and we were all happy with our hair and makeup. The timing was good at the spa. I started at 11:30 and my makeup was done by 1:00. I really wanted my hair half up half down, but it was just way too hot to make it happen. Having it up it stayed no problem. I plastered my head with hair spray but I have very thick hair. I still sort of wish I was able to make half up work. I don’t really feel pretty with all of my hair up. My last two bridesmaids started at 1:30 and they were running a bit behind but we all made it ok. After the spa we went back to my room and ordered room service so that we could make sure we ate something before the wedding. I did not even feel stressed at all the entire day! I was just so happy and excited! I didn’t worry about the weather. Even if it had rained I would have thought it was perfect. I was just too giddy and delighted to care. Our ceremony set up was phenomenal. It was beautiful in every way. We were married on the beach at the Pergola Kantenah at 4:00pm. I found this ceremony site to be private (only a few people in speedos who insisted on walking behind our pictures haha) and we were blessed because the weather was perfect. I requested a big space be left for the aisle as I would be walking down with both of my parents. The music that we had downloaded was perfectly played on their sound system with no issues at all. I had 4 songs to play while the guests were seated. Tyrel said that they played over twice so maybe have 5-6 to be safe if you’re doing that. The ceremony only started about 10 minutes late. On the beach it was nice and cool with the breeze. Nobody complained that they were hot at all. I wore barefoot sandals and the sand was not hot at all. There was a bar right there too, so afterwards if they wanted a drink other than champagne they could get that too. The mariachi band was fun and totally worth the extra money for the authenticity of it all. The carts picked up our groomsmen, our guests, and the bridal party exactly on time. I wish I would have had a cart scheduled for our videographer since he missed getting the bridal party walking down the aisle since no cart came for him in time. Make sure you catch all of the details, ladies. J I haven’t seen our pictures yet, and I didn’t take any that day! I hope our photographer got some good ones. She is a friend from long ago, and this was her first Destination Wedding so I am a little worried. After seeing Carlota’s pictures which were so perfect I am nervous! I loved the pictures of your parents coming down the stairs and I don’t think we got any of my mom and dad without me. I think some of our pictures are going to be too posey, but others I’m super excited to see, like the ones at Las Rocas on the beds and chairs! She also took some with me holding angel wings that she brought with her, to represent my daughter who passed away 7 years ago. Right after Avery died, the photographer Nicole did some pictures of me with these same angel wings in my hometown so it meant a lot that she brought them to Mexico to recreate the memorial shoot in my wedding dress. I think those will be beautiful. At our reception which was at La Laguna, things were displayed exactly as we’d discussed. Not a single detail was missed. I don’t especially care about flowers or cake but both of these things were so perfect. The bouquets that the resort got for myself and my 5 bridesmaids were so gorgeous!! The cake was beautiful too! It was made with chocolate and vanilla and it was DELICIOUS! Nidia was there the entire night (I don’t think the poor girl sleeps!) and made sure that everything was perfect. She truly was the best part of our week. She deserves so much credit for being there not only that day, but showing up for our scheduled dinners to check in, and organizing the return of our items, and simply for being so kind and incredible. We used DJ Mannia and I would highly, highly recommend them. We emailed many times leading up to our wedding day and they were quick to respond, professional and fun. My dad especially was very impressed with how great a job he did. He allowed us to choose all of our own music which was very important to us especially through dinner. During our first dance, DJ Mannia lit cold fireworks right at the end at a perfect time! After dinner for the dance I had requested a few songs and he played them all and it was so fun! He even played just one more song at the end of the night. When my one friend kept requesting Justin Timberlake and I told him not to play it again he didn’t hahaha. I told her I put a stop to it lol! He also played a song that is important to Tyrel and his best friend but the song is terrible and when he realized that no one liked it he phased it out and Tyrel said he was so happy haha. He could totally read the crowd. This was a great investment! After the wedding was over we all went swimming (me in my wedding dress!) in the adult main pool. It was supposed to be closed for 8pm and it was 11:30 pm but we were quiet even though there were about 20 of us. We were so hot that it felt amazing! My friend’s husband even went behind the bar and tapped the keg haha! Someone came by and we thought we were going to get in trouble but my friend tipped him and he actually brought us 2 bottles of alcohol! Then we all went to the disco and continued dancing. We were wet but dried quickly – even my dress. My dress was quite a disaster afterwards, but like other brides, I continued to rinse it each day in the tub and it’s not perfect by any means now, but I had a blast and I have the memories, and I’ll never wear it again anyway. I was not fully impressed with our wedding video. We only had the videographer for 2 hours and I liked him a lot he was a really cool guy. But he seemed to stay in one place and the entire time through the ceremony all you can see is my back, Tyrel’s face, and the groomsmen. There are almost no shots of the bridesmaids at the ceremony at all, and I’m pretty disappointed because you can’t get that back. Maybe that’s a good thing though because I felt gorgeous that day, but after seeing some pictures I kind of feel like I was sweaty, bloated and not as pretty as I had hoped to be on my wedding day. L Oh well because I married my best friend, in a beautiful place, with everyone I love around us. I wouldn’t ask for anything more! The beginning and the end of the video were very good with the music and there are some shots of the bridesmaids from that. Lol, I’m not the most elegant of people so there are too many shots of me adjusting my boobs and flapping my arms around and putting on deodorant. I wish I had looked a bit more classy in my wedding video but luckily my sister and friends were class enough for me haha. I also heard that my dad was crying during the ceremony and there is no video of that either – neither of my parents were in it during the ceremony. L At the end though they were in it. I do love how he captured all of the hugging and celebrating at the end. Here is a link to the YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC8cB3GSOlM Our Trash the Dress session which we did with Cancun Wedding Photo (Claudia Rodriguez) was amazing! We went to a cenote which was only about 10 minutes away from the resort. We went 2 days after our wedding early in the morning. It was so romantic and fun! We were the only people there. The water was warm, Claudia brought with her Ivan (I think her boyfriend) and he was so nice and fun too. She took all the time with us to get the pictures just right. We did some on land, some in the cave, some with fish nibbling our toes – we even jumped off a big cliff into the cenote afterwards but I did not have my dress on for that, we just did it in our bathing suits. I was too afraid to hold Tyrel’s hand and jump in so he jumped down first. Claudia said she got a great picture of us where I am watching his jump looking terrified! Haha – I can’t wait to see the pictures. I did eventually jump too but I screamed all the way down haha. The day of the wedding I forgot to wear my wedding earrings but I wore them to our Trash the Dress shoot. I did not bring the dress home with me because it was really cheap and soaking wet haha. I threw it out there. Our Welcome Bags I paid $2 a room to have delivered and although Nidia worked really hard trying to do it for us, it wasn’t possible to deliver all of them. Only 2/3 got out because some people had Do Not Disturb signs up or had been upgraded and switched rooms. I probably would not do it that way again. Since Tyrel and I waited in the lobby for our guests to arrive (we had 2 giant groups all come at the same time – one from Ontario and then 2 hours later as soon as the first group was done checking in our other group from Alberta arrived) I’d just have handed them out then since we saw everyone then anyway. The big hits were the playing cards surprisingly, but when it rained they could be used and they were. Also the Sudoku books and the towel clips. The key card and tip money holders were also super popular. I’m happy almost everyone used the bags. J I’d also recommend to be very specific with how you want your tables set up at your private dinners that the wedding coordinators can schedule for you if you care. I didn’t think to ask, but at both dinners the tables were set up like a head table and then people just all on one side so that we could not talk. I would ask to have a long table set up, but with chairs on both sides. It felt kind of segregated when we were trying to get people to mix and mingle and get to know each other. At our second dinner we ended up just moving chairs and doing it how we wanted anyway, but we would have been a lot less of a pain to the waiters if we had requested this through Nidia in the first place. You can kind of see what I mean in the picture below. At first we were all just sitting on the outside of the table. Overall, our trip was everything I wanted. I’m glad we chose Grand Palladium White Sand. I wish we had more time there haha. We never did find El Secreto pool which is open until midnight, or the 24 hour snack bar because the place is just so huge! The shows that were put on in the lobbies were VERY impressive! The couples show and the Pirate show especially. Some of our guests went off of the resort and did Xel-Ha, Tulum, Chitzen-Itza tours and they all LOVED them! We did not have time to do any tours so maybe next time. I got to meet Carlota which was SO AMAZING! I was all sad after like how did we meet these amazing people who I’d LOVE to be friends with and now they’re going back to Spain and we’re going back to Canada and it’s such a bummer haha. I totally think we’d be such great friends if we lived in the same place. J Carlota you are wonderful!! Had we not had the initial problems, I think I could truly say everything was perfect – just like the wedding day was.
  3. I just wanted to post here too - we leave in the morning for our wedding! I am SO excited and feel so blessed to have met all of you to help me through the last months of planning. It has been such a fun and amazing journey and I couldn't have done it without you all! This thread has been fantastic! I promise you a detailed review when I get home. Thanks for everything, ladies!! xoxox ~Lauren
  4. Quick question - For those of you who have requested (and/or received) upgrades for your rooms at Grand Palladium, did you have to pay extra for these rooms when all was said and done? I just sent in my room upgrade request and I received an email back saying that all upgrades are subject to a fee ($90/night) is what I was told. I'll be perfectly happy with my Mayan Suite in the White Sand and I definitely don't have $90 a night more to spend now that we're this close to wedding day haha. I just wanted to see how it all worked for you. Thanks for the help! ~Lauren
  5. Thanks Norma! We spent all day packing and already have 3 big tubs now with all of our decorations and things, 3 suitcases (2 for me, 1 for him) and one box! I definitely think we're going to hit our 8 bag limit since we're at 7 already haha. It's going to be so embarassing walking into the airport like that haha. We got all of the music downloaded today but we still don't have it on an iPad or thumb drive yet. Luckily tomorrow's a holiday! I'm not sure the answer to when the White Party is but I think I did hear just Mondays. We are not doing a White Party since our wedding is on a Monday. I have just been reading some of the info about the spa beginning to charge in November. What a bummer! I definitely agree that it doesn't hurt to ask. I would suggest emailing the spa directly to see if they can help you with who to ask. The only person I know to contact there is Rosealba Flores? I'll double check on her name but she is the one I booked our services through. If I remember correctly from being there 6 years ago, it is adults only in the spa as well. If any of you have younger kids with you who were planning on participating I'd ask the about that too. Good luck! ~Lauren
  6. Claire that cake really is gorgeous and big! I didn't think I really cared about cake too much, and I was pretty sure that they said just a simple cake for 8 people was included and then it was $8 per person for more, so I said just to make a two-tiered cake for 24 (even though we have 60 people going!) but now I'm doubting my decision. I'll probably email Vanessa today and ask. I'd love to have a beautiful three-tier if we can. Even if it's not for 60 people because I personally don't even like cake (crazy, I know - but I'd kill for carbs and salt, lol) and I know we can't take any home with us, but just a bit bigger would be nice. It was beautiful. You ladies are a wealth of knowledge because I also thought I'd just be happy with the Mayan Suite that we booked long ago in the White Sand section. All of our guests are staying in White Sand but hearing Jen's description of the Royal Suites I may send that email just in case. If we're not upgraded oh well, I know we'll still have a gorgeous room, but it sure would be nice to stay like Royals! One of you mentioned too that you can just call for a cart from the Royal section whenever you need it? That sounds much more convenient than having to try and track one down every time! Especially since our guests will all be in another section. I guess whatever happens will be right. I am starting to feel like I'm missing something now. We leave in 9 days and aside from packing which has barely begun, I feel like I'm almost done everything! I still have my last fitting for my dress, but it isn't until Saturday. We leave on Wednesday so there are only 2 days if anything goes wrong - yikes! I am waiting to hear if she can actually have it done by Friday because if it's possible I'd like to fly home to Ontario next weekend just for the night to pick up some last minute stuff that's at my parent's house and in Michigan. I don't know how I would have afforded this wedding if not for having a bridesmaid in Michigan I could ship everything to for cheap lol. My bathing suit issue is resolved x6 lol. I was able to find a few online (that fit!) and La Vie en Rose actually had a ton that were really nice and all on sale!! Our OOT bags are completed, everything for our entrance table is almost done. I may print out some of the pictures I've taken of how I want some stuff set up, like our guest book etc. I have emailed the DJ to confirm things, the TTD photographers to confirm a time and pick-up, the videographer. I've paid what I can pay ahead of time and we just need to contact the bank this week to make sure they can access all of the US money we need. Growing up on a border city I never had to contact them ahead of time, but out here in Calgary they need advance notice for large amounts. Just a heads up for any brides out my way! I've also written out all of our instructions for the cat sitters we hired. I've photocopied almost all of the emails between Vanessa and I and with all of our vendors/contracts and put them in separate folders to take down. I also printed all of our PayPal receipts just in case. Ladies who have had weddings before me, did any of you get the 'red light' at customs in Mexico? I kow you have to press the button and it randomly selects whose bags they go through. I've never cared before but I know this time we're going to have SO much stuff including two big plastic tubs taped up and filled with all of our decorations and OOT bags etc. I'm paranoid we're going to get the red light and it will take hours to go through everything and then have to pack it all up again. I also heard a rumor that you have to have receipts for everything you're bringing in that is for gifts etc. (like OOT bags would be) and I honestly don't have the receipts still for half of the things like little kleenex and Dollarama purchases) so I am scared of what will happen. This is my last week of work, and the course I was supposed to train got cancelled too so I have a pretty easy week! I am going to try to hit the tanning salon a bit. I still have a weird boob tan from Vegas that I'm trying to get rid of. I didn't think it would stick around so long! And I have a few girly appointments, hair, nails, eyelashes etc. What else am I forgetting??? Thanks for your advice and help girls! I'm getting so excited! ~Lauren
  7. Claire, just like I wrote on Facebook I am SO happy to read that you had a fantastic wedding! You were absolutely gorgeous on your wedding day (totally LOVE your jewelry too!!) and your little niece's bow is just too cute! Thank you so much for such a long and detailed review - and just like every other bride has said, I am so encouraged to read that Vanessa is as great as I can already tell she is by corresponding with her. I just love the little saying that you wrote on your sparkeler cards. Thank you so much for the advice about the carts. We have a TTD planned for 2 days after the wedding and I will definitely be scheduling a pick up with Vanessa. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness following your perfect wedding and mini-moon in Paris!! xo ~Lauren
  8. Bre thanks so much for the compliment about the chapsticks. I didn't actually order clear chapsticks, I found some cheap ones and peeled the labels off of them. They are all SPF 30 too! Usually I found chapstick at drug stores to be super pricey, but surprisingly enough, I found the ones I bought at the airport at one of those little booths in the secure area just by the departure gates (not an actual store) and they were selling 3 for $3 and then as an employee I got another 25% off so I felt that it was a decent price for them. It worked out to be $20 for the amount that I needed. I'm just doing one per bag. I'm not sure what city you're in, but this was in the Calgary airport, D wing. Melissa, we are bringing our own photographer from home for our wedding day, but I kind of wished I had looked around more first. I have found that the prices range quite a bit, depending on who you go with. I was quoted $5000 by a photographer in Mexico which freaked me out so I ended up going with someone I've worked with before at home for $2000 although she originally quoted me $2500 too. I feel like upwards of $2000 is standard these days. I know there is a lot of work that goes into it, but I'm still spending a lot of money on this wedding and wanted Trash the Dress, Engagement pics and a videographer too, so I couldn't justify $5000. That being said, a lot of companies will offer you a deal if you want videography and photography. Anyways, I wanted to do Trash the Dress, but I wanted to do it with a photographer local to the resort and not my photographer from home because I figured they'd be able to take us to some of the cool locations like the cenotes and things. So we ended up hiring Cancun Wedding Photo: http://www.cancunweddingphoto.com/. I can't vouch for their work yet, since we don't use them until August 21st, 2 days after our wedding (omg that's in 3 weeks and I'll already be married!!) but I can tell you that their prices were MUCH more affordable than the rest. I got quotes over 6 months ago, so I'd recommend emailing them, along with a few others. That is what I did when I first started looking and they were all really great about getting right back to me with quotes. They all want your business, so it makes sense to email back right away. I found the same with the DJ's (if you're looking for one I'm finding DJ Mannia who we are working with to be incredible with communication which makes me very happy!) Cancun Wedding Photo I believe originally quoted less than $2000 for the wedding photography, $400 for just TTD (and some other places were quoting $2000 JUST for TTD) and they had a really good deal for both together, but I had already signed a contract with the girl from home. Good luck! Let us know what you decide. Lauren
  9. Hi girls, I just wanted to show a couple of my projects I've been working on - or I should say Tyrel's been working on. I made the chapstick labels but he peeled and put and I made the dinner menu and seating cards but he cut and glued lol The seating cards aren't done yet, I'll be spray painting the small starfish blue and tying twine/ribbon in the hole and hanging on the board that Vanessa is letting us borrow. The chapsticks are part of the 'in sickness and health' stuff in the OOT bags. Sorry they're kind of blurry. iPhone, lol. We just printed the labels on the computer (only 2 sheets!) onto full sheet sticky paper that I bought by Avery at the drugstore. Easy! I'm working a night class today which feels weird, but first I have an appointment with the life insurance guy which feels even weirder! Growing up and getting married, haha!! ~Lauren
  10. Don't feel guilty Heather. I felt the exact same way and honestly before my shower but it's still your wedding and you should enjoy it without feeling guilty. I knew I'd get gifts at the shower but I truely did not expect anything at all at the AHR that we'll be having. My issue about the gift thing was with my bridesmaid giving a sizable gift to our other friend who had a DW and then saying to me just so you know no one will get you anything. Haha, yes I DO know that, I just thought it was rude to say. Anyway, I'm so close to my wedding and so excited to be married and so happy that everything is coming together that I could care less if I got another present from anyone. I think with destination weddings you're right, we have to let go of a lot of the traditional rules and make our own. We may not have as nice a toaster at the end of it, but we'll sure have the nicest pictures and memories won't we?!
  11. First of all ladies, I’ll warn you I’m writing from work again so it’s going to be a big, long mess. I have no idea why the formatting goes like this from my work computer. I leave spaces in between I promise haha!Well Carlota has gone and I saw she posted on the Facebook page, but again here I am thinking of you and praying for the most perfect day!! Xo Can’t wait to hear all about it! Mikeycelle thank you so much for the information that makes me feel much better! I did just hear back from the spa but your explanation is much better. I'm pretty sure they just said 'yes they have it's a powder' which if I had not read what you wrote wouldn't make me feel too confident lol. I did buy some of my own MAC makeup just in case I don't like the colours, but like you said, I'm open to a bit of a different and special look. I still want to be me, but a radiant and bright me! Bre, for the AHR reception, we are having two - a very small one out here at a hall in my fiance's parents town. They live about a 2 hour drive from us in Alberta. It's a really tiny town with under 1000 people who live there so it will be like a pot luck, ad in the local newspaper, drop in when you can, music on an iPod type thing. That one is 2 weeks after we get back, so not long at all. My parents are also having one in October, so it will be 7 weeks after we get back. My parents live in Ontario so we'll have to fly home for the weekend. It will be in their backyard but right now my mom is freaking out about it. I keep telling her we don't need to have anything big, nor do I want anything big. I'd be fine with BBQing hot dogs and just supplying alcohol and having a party, but she wants to have catered food and tents in case it rains. We don't really have any money so I want it to be smaller so she isn't so stressed, but a friend of mine from back home who got married in Punta Cana in January just had a reception at home earlier this month (my parents and I went to the wedding - their family have been friends since we were born) and it was soooo extravagant. I didn’t go because I couldn’t get time off of work to fly home, but there were tents, a plated meal, a live band, a DJ…. All in her parent’s huge backyard. I think my mom now feels like they have to live up to that which makes me feel awful. I’m sure it was gorgeous but that’s NOT what I want. Also we are having all of that at our wedding at GP and she only had a cocktail reception at her resort, so their AHR was the bigger party. Casey, I have not planned an actual pub crawl or physical scavenger hunt but I remember one person writing that there were bonus points for people who still had silly things with them like a napkin from the airline they flew on the way down. I guess it would depend on if you want people to find everything on the night of the pub crawl, or if older and newer items or pictures could be included. In our welcome books we made kind of a ‘photo’ scavenger hunt for the week and then whoever finds them all will be entered into a draw to win something (probably a bottle of booze) at our AHR. There are only a few things, like a speedo gone wrong, or our guests involved in an activity club game, the groomsmen getting into trouble, the bride and her girlfriends and their signature hand shot (every wedding we put our hands together and watch the ring fingers fill up. ïŠ) and the father of the bride doing a shot (he rarely drinks at all, but I bet his first daughter getting married will do the trick, haha!) Stuff like that! Hope that helps! Well ladies, back to work for me! Talk to you all soon. Lauren
  12. I'm so glad to have found you guys too! Jen thanks for the reminder to bring a little treat for the flight attendants - very important! And may even result in a complimentary drink on the way down haha. Carlota, thank you for the reminder of the bubble wrap - I just went out and bought some yesterday and packed one big plastic tub with all of the OOT supplies. We will put the bags together when we get there. Vanessa has confirmed our meeting time for Friday the 16th. I have not heard back from the spa yet, but even still I may just bring my own primer in case. I just want to make sure that my face stays on in all of that heat haha! Can you girls help me decide on which style of hair to ask for? Here are two pictures below. I like the look of it down, but I don't think I'll be able to handle the heat haha! What do you think? Yesterday I feel like I got SO many little things done, and I finally feel like with 2.5 weeks until we leave that I am seeing things coming together! I finally found ties for the guys (the exact colour of the bridesmaid dresses because I had the straps of my sister's dress in my purse so I could compare) and I got a white one for Tyrel. I found them at the Le Chateau Outlet store and they had soooo many colours and styles and they were buy one, get one for half off! Today we are finishing up the seating cards. I also went for my dress fitting again yesterday which was SO beautiful but it still needs to come in a little bit more and now she will start on the length. I am so nervous that it won't get done, but she says 2 more weeks and it will be perfect. That only leaves me with 3 days until we leave for fixing if it is not. But I know it will be! Carlota, I wish you a safe and amazing flight to Madrid tomorrow, and all the best saying bye to Scooby for a few weeks. He will be in really good hands and have a blast with his babysitters I know. I do hope you are able to get back on here before you go, but if you don't then just know we are wishing you the most incredible time, and I know your day will be perfect and beautiful!! xoxo Have a WONDERFUL wedding Carlota!! Lauren
  13. Quick question for anyone who has been in contact with the spa - do you know if they use a primer or something to help your makeup stay on better in the heat with how oily our skin can get there? Especially for eyelids? I am going to send a quick email but maybe someone here can answer quicker. Thanks! xo Lauren
  14. Carlota, it looks like we keep posting at the same time haha, I keep missing things and have to scroll back up. I did watch the news and see some information on the accident. It sounds awful. I hope you are getting lots done today. I can't even imagine how busy you are but I hope you're starting to feel put together and organized. And exciting for you that you get to see your parents today! Also I wanted to say that if Made of Honor makes you think of Patrick Dempsey that is a good thing - he's so hot! Jen I am SO happy to read such great things about your trip. I can't believe you too had that great room - it sounds just incredible! Lucky lady!! I am anxiously waiting to see your pictures on the facebook page when you get a chance. Enjoy married life for a bit first. Enjoy Johnny's birthday this weekend!!
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