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New and confused!!!

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Hi all,


I've just started planning a DW for next May or so (now that I have convinced my family in Toronto of what I DON'T want for my wedding day wink.gif


Was utterly confused about where to go as there are so many pros and cons for the same resorts if you read tripadvisor (as much as I do!).


I'm now majorly leaning towards Azul Sensatori (and am so glad there's a thread on there!) as it fits most of my criteria, but is just a bit pricey.


Planning on keeping this low budget, other than the cost of the trip of course, and would love to hear from other brides who are are trying to keep the costs down (ex: no private reception, nor $500 flower upgrade, nor video...)


Thanks in advance!!!



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Welcome, finding the right place is definitely the hardest part, so once you've got that done it's all downhill from there! Good luck!

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