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Dreams Puerto Aventuras Brides - POST HERE!

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Originally Posted by MonicaC View Post
And here is the album price list:

Precio por libro. Con caja y forro en la cubierta
Lay Flat ( Estilo de encuadernado que permite la apertura completa del libro sin dañar las paginas )

5X5 pulgadas Lay-Flat (10 pag, 20 lados )
$ 185 usd
Copia Extra $ 165 usd
Cada página extra (2 lados) $7 usd

8.5X8.5 pulgadas Lay-Flat (10 hojas, 20 paginas )
$ 280 usd
Copia extra $ 252 usd
Cada hoja extra (2 páginas) $12 usd

8.5X11 pulgadas Lay-Flat (10 hoas, 20 lados )
$ 320 usd
Copia Extra $ 288 usd
Cada hoja extra (2 paginas) $13 usd

11X8.5 pulgadas Lay-Flat (10 hojas, 20 páginas )
$ 340 usd
Copia extra $306 usd
Cada hoja extra (2páginas) $13 usd

10X10 Lay-Flat with box and Slip cover (10hojas, 20 páginas )
$360 usd
Extra copy $324 usd
Cada hoja extra (2 páginas) $13 usd

Prcios en dolares americanos. Sujetos a cambio.

Okay, all albums with a cover in a box. Lados means sides, so I am not sure if she is saying 10 pages, = 20 sides..

5X5 inches, 10 pages, 20 sides
$185, reprint $165, add page 2 sides, $7

8.5X8.5 inches, 10 pgs, 20 sides
$280, extra copy $252, add pg $12

And then you get the hint from there.....
all prices in USD, subject to change. Good luck!

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Originally Posted by samluvsnick View Post
Hello everyone I was a May 13th bride. We had gone before when it was sunscape. It was just as much fun as i remembered.It was pretty empty, not alot of people. this was nice because we didnt have to fight for chairs like before and we got alot of attention. this was very nice. any ways i have alot of pictures but i havent figured out this site so well yet. so if you would like you can email me for the pictures. You can then post them if you would like. I wouldent mind. If you have questions just ask samantha sam0915m@aol.com
Congratulations Samantha! We would love to hear a review and your thoughts, suggestions, etc. And of course as always, we love pics!!love.gif

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Congrats on your recent wedding samluvsnick!


Good luck RoryS! Erika is lucky to have you as an aunt. Please send her our congrats. Perhaps I will run into her? I leave on Sunday!

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I must say Martha's rates have gone up since I booked her over a year ago... My review is my assignment for the weekend... I finally have all my pro pics to supplement it.

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Hello All! We are back from our trip and trying to get back into the routine of things. Here is some information below that we hope will help you guys!


-First! No need to worry about the Swine Flu rumors, no sign of anything there! Tell your guests to stop worrying!

-No need to tip anyone to remove the volleyball net; just request this from Jacy; I would also request them to move as many as the lounge chairs as possible so that they will not show up as part of the background in your pics

-Bring waterproof Mascara & waterproof eyeliner...as stylist does not have any; print pics of how you want your hair to be done as well as make up. The stylist that i had was great, but it is not always the same one because they travel from resort to resort.

-Spa vouchers are to be used in increments of $40 at a time and can only be used towards services over $110....if groom does not want his massage, bride can get both!!! Massage is better if given by a guy as he is able to work all the stress knots out. When i got the second massage it was with a girl and it just felt like a gentle rub down, which was ok but i still had stress knots.

-If you booked for 7 nights, you receive a certificate for 2 nights free on your 1st year anniversary to any Dreams Resort...but you have to ask for it.

-Reconfirm your wedding date and time eventhough you received your confirmation from Jacy...she booked another wedding the same exact time as ours!!!! HUGH....

-Hotel Photographers are good but they are working really fast, have someone be in charge of making sure everyone is aligned the right way before pics are taken(big group shots). Also they will not allow anyone to take pics they are taking when ceremony is over of B & G. Video they made was great! The editing and the music that was done made it really nice; but the videographer was only their for a short time.

-Regarding the cake you dont have to use the ones that are pictured in there packet; they will work with you just email Jacy pics of what you want your cake to look like and send them to her, she will let you know if they can have it made. I also requested a grooms cake(poker table w/ cards and chips) and it was only $45...of course i had to supply the cards & chips. They do not know how to work with fondant or ganache. If you do not want tres leches cake, make sure you specify that in bold letters and reconfirm with Jacy when you get there as this cake melts...

-If you want a bigger room ask for the upgrade, per the GM its a standard for B & G. If they give you a hard time ask for GM. We didn't do this but when checking out GM told us that we should of asked for him...

-Our Ceremony was at 5:30pm since they booked 2 weddings for 5pm... It was not that windy, we also had the chairs facing towards ocean to avoid having the other resorts in our pictures, which were great.

- Make sure that you have someone go and double check the site as they did not hang our flower arrangements on the columns!!!!

- If you are not going to use something from your package and Jacy has stated that she will give you credit and allow you to use that amount towards anything else make sure that you write it down. You will forget and she will also forget.....My brother officiated the wedding and she almost forgot to give us a $420 credit... Of course i forgot the others but this was the one that i remembered.

-Since occupancy is so low, I would recommend having your rehearsal at 5:30pm and have all your guests meet for dinner at 6pm as the rest.'s open....you can all sit together...no charge for this.

-Food is great!

-You don't have to wear those uncomfortable plastic bracelets to prove that you are a guest! They know everyone....

-No need to wake up early and make resv's for any speciality rest. just show up. We didn't have to wait. Service is a little slow though.

-Beds are amazing! Very, very comfortable..

-AC is awesome!!! You can have your rooms ice cold!!!

-If you think you don't have hot water, turn the knob the other direction---water is hot.

-Slippers provided; you will use them when walking around in your room!

-Desires Bar is a lot of fun!

-Camera lens will fog as they go from the cold room to the humid out doors; just let them get used to the outside weather. It took ours about 30 minutes; make sure that your guests know just incase they want to take pictures during your ceremony.

-Great employees: everyone is fantastic! A tip goes a very long way...if you don't see something on the menu, ask for it anyway... they will make it happen!!!

Antonio - the bellman

Juan - the beach waiter

Jeyccen(Jason) - the Pool Bartender

Arturo - Host


- As everyone already knows we like you had a very difficult time communicating with Jacy... so we decided to hire a wedding planner! We hired Stella Inserra from Whose Wedding is it Anyway 2 weeks prior to our departure and she was awesome! After we hired her she took care of everything!!! No more worries.. She made our wedding happen the day it was supposed to! We had a conference call with her to give her our vision and she made it happen!!!! She was very reasonable in price and was well worth every penny!!! No more stress before, during, or after our wedding/vacation! She took care of everything!


Hope this information helps you in your upcoming weddings!!!

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Originally Posted by GinalynL View Post
Congrats on your recent wedding samluvsnick!

Good luck RoryS! Erika is lucky to have you as an aunt. Please send her our congrats. Perhaps I will run into her? I leave on Sunday!
Good luck GinalynL! Hopefully you are at DPA by now. Can't wait to hear all about the wedding and music choices!

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Thank you so much for all the information. Having a wedding planner in addition to Jacy sounds like a great idea! I've copied your post and saved it in my files to reference as needed :) Thanks!

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I have actually been to Puerto Aventuras before, but not to the Dreams Resort (it was under construction last time). It is such a wonderful spot!! We loved it!!

And we have also been to the Dreams Puerto Vallarta resort before, which is what made us choose the Dreams Puerto Aventuras location.

Can't wait to see how the weddings go!

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Thanks for all the great tips! I will have to consider hiring the wedding planner from outside.

Also, did you hire your own florist as well, or did you find the flowers provided in the wedding package to be sufficient?

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