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  1. Hola! My new Husband Ryan and I just arrived home from our Amazing wedding in the Mayan Riviera! We had a great time not only on the day of the wedding, but during our whole stay there. We wanted to give a huge shout out to Sol Tamargo of del Sol Photography. We had an absolutely fabulous time, doing both our wedding photos and our Trash the Dress session! We did our TTD on a separate day, which I highly recommend. She was so fun, and obviously creative and brilliant! We CANNOT wait to see our proofs! Ryan and I would definitely want to recommend del Sol Photography to anyone getting married in the Riviera Maya. They were fabulous to work with from start to finish. Very easy to book, schedule, complete payment and of course, work with!! Yeah Sol and Matt!! We also used Marvin, from Maya Diseno Floral. marvin@mayadisenofloral.com.mx We worked together exclusively via email. He did such a beautiful job for us. The flowers were simply amazing!!!! He also went above and beyond expectations. He provided me with free flowers for my hair, layed down a pathway on the beach, which he then spread with rose petals! So lovely and unexpected!! As well, his prices were cheaper by half than the florist provided by the resort and he managed to copy my bouquet from the resort so that my bridesmaids and flower girls all matched. So talented! Please look in to both of these vendors. It will be worth your while! Steph
  2. Thank you so much for the advice Marie! I did finally hear back from Vanessa and was shocked to hear her minimum charge! Hopefully Marvin will be as helpful to me as he was to you! Thanks again! -Stephanie
  3. Hello Ladies! I loved Vanessa Jaimes' website but am having a lot of trouble contacting her. I've sent her a message on her website as well as through email. Has anyone else had trouble reaching her? How were her prices? She does such beautiful work!
  4. Thanks for all the great tips! I will have to consider hiring the wedding planner from outside. Also, did you hire your own florist as well, or did you find the flowers provided in the wedding package to be sufficient?
  5. I have actually been to Puerto Aventuras before, but not to the Dreams Resort (it was under construction last time). It is such a wonderful spot!! We loved it!! And we have also been to the Dreams Puerto Vallarta resort before, which is what made us choose the Dreams Puerto Aventuras location. Can't wait to see how the weddings go!
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    New and Excited

    Hello, My name is Steph... My fiance Ryan and I are hoping to get married in the spring of 2010 at the Dreams Puerto Aventuras resort. We are still trying to solidify those details
  7. Excited

    Wedding Venue

    This is a review of:

    Grand Sunset Princess Resort

    Wedding Venue

    Pros: Beautiful grounds, gorgeous beach, can accommodate large groups, affordable
    My husband Ryan and I agonized for a long time over where we would have our Wedding.  We always knew that we wanted a destination wedding, we just had to figure out how to execute it!   Honestly, the hardest part for us was finding a resort to accommodate our large group!  Our friends and family were vocal in telling us right after the engagement that they were all wanting to attend our wedding away from home, so we knew instantly that our group would exceed 50 people.    While the thought of having so many loved ones all together at a resort for your special day was thrilling, it was also quite daunting because very few resorts could guarantee that they would have the space to accommodate such a large group; and even fewer could give us a good price.   When we found the Grand Sunset Princess Resort, we were beside ourselves because it is a 4.5-5 Star resort (depending on where you look), in the location we wanted, that looked amazing in the pictures and they could actually guarantee availability for our large wedding group.  Not only that, but they were affordable!!! (well under $2000 a person)   So in that aspect, it was great.  They also have two dedicated wedding coordinators.  They helped to make the day seemless as the bulk of the wedding is planned from very far away. The flowers provided in the wedding package were quite lovely, but only the bride's bouquet and the groom's boutineer were included in the wedding package. (I highly recommend checking out other florists for your additional flowers as I found someone to copy those provided by the resort at half the cost--Marvin at Maya Diseno Floral was FABULOUS). All in all, we were happy with all the extras that came with the wedding package (such as brides' hair and makeup--which I was able to transfer to my mom and the mother of the groom because I elected to do my own).   They have more than one location for weddings--on a nice day, you can choose either the beach, or the wedding paviliion.  The pavillion only holds a maximum of 50 people, so that was out for us, but we were happy to have our wedding on the beach.  The beach was fabulous, fairly secluded (but of course, we still had a few drifters coming to spy :))  So if you're worried about being right in the main section of the beach, don't be! Our wedding photographers of  del Sol Photography  caught some fabulous shots not only of our actual wedding in the beach, but a few in the pavillion and through out the hotel grounds as well. (here is the link to our slideshow http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=270)   We were extremely lucky that our wedding day was a gorgeous one weather wise, because we heard horror stories from other wedding parties who had inclement weather and had to decide by 11 am on their day where they wanted to have their wedding.  One couple had their wedding in the internet cafe near the hotel lobby.  So in that regard, their 'back-up' wedding sites do leave a little to be desired.   Our biggest complaint about this venue for our large group was the lack of communication.  Many times they came to us with issues that should have been communicated to us much earlier than they were.  On one occasion, they told us only a month before our wedding, that because our group was so large, we would have to pay for a private reception because they couldn't accommodate us at one of their a la carte restaurants.  This was shocking!!!  This was not a problem thenumerous other times I had spoken to them.  And, the price difference was huge--it would have jumped from roughly $12 /person for dinner to a minimum of $40!!!!  We were outraged.  That was something that they should have communicated to us much earlier on because we had our group booked in months ahead of time.  Fortunately, everything worked out okay and we didn't have to spend another fortune on our reception there.   All in all, we had a fabulous experience and would not change a thing.  We have so many amazing memories of our two weeks spent at the Grand Sunset Princess Resort!!
  8. This is a review of:

    Del Sol Photography

    Incredible experience and amazing results

    Pros: Great talent. Put us very much at ease. SO MUCH FUN!! Highlight of our trip
    Cons: None
    Hola!   My new husband Ryan and I recently arrived home from our Amazing wedding in the Mayan Riviera! We had a great time not only on our Wedding day, but during our entire stay there.   We want to give a huge shout out to Sol Tamargo and her whole team of del Sol Photography. We had an absolutely fabulous time, not only during our Wedding Photos, but during our Trash the Dress (TTD) session as well!  We did our TTD session on a separate day, which I highly recommend.    Sol was so much fun to work with, and obviously creative and BRILLIANT!!   We were on pins and needles to see our proofs, and believe me, she and her team did not let us down! WE ARE THRILLED with the results!  Now, our biggest problem is choosing which photos to develop and display! There are so many amazing shots!   Ryan and I would definitely want to recommend del Sol Photography to anyone getting married or Honeymooning in the Mayan Riviera.    They were fabulous to work with from start to finish.    Very professional and easy to book, schedule, complete payment, and of course, work with!!     Yeah Sol and Matt!! Keep up the good work!   ....my family and I still check out your blog regularly because we love your work so much!   Below is the link Stephanie and Ryan's Wedding slideshow and Trash the Dress slideshow (photos done by Sol Tamargo and Rodrigo:   http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=270 http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=273