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Legal vs. Symbolic Ceremony, RIU Palace....

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I am still undecided on Legal vs. Symbolic for my ceremony this October at the RIU Palace.


Can anyone tell me what the difference is? Also, if anyone has had the symbolic ceremony at the RIU , please send me the reading or options that we have. Thanks!!!!!

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symbolic is much easier. No blood work, no paper work. Show up and get married. This is what we are doing. Getting legally married before hand. I dont have the ceremony wording for the palace, since im at sante fe. They have a different minister. he by the way is a member on here. he would be the best at all the info. Look under the cabo sub. He has his own thread. Hope this helps.

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We are doing a symbolic ceremony as well...I think in the end it's going to save us so much time and paperwork (not to mention blood work! cry.gif)

I actually have the name and email of the minister who does the symbolic ceremonies at the Palace (Kelly is right, he does have a thread on here): Marco Arechiga-marco@loscabostoday.com.

I emailed him to see how the ceremony will work and he gave me this outline:




·Charge of Marriage (Meaning of Marriage)


·Vows Exchange (your own vows)


·Rings Exchange


·Blessing of the union and couple




Presentation of the Couple


We are writing our own vows, so it was important to me to see if we could incorporate this into the ceremony, and Marc said he is more than willing to do so!


Hope this helps! cheesy.gif

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