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Please help me choose one asap!

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So I'm pretty sure I have this new nanny job. I really need a diaper bag/backpack. I'm going to do alot of hiking and walking with him. So I need a bag that I can do alot with. I don't want a messenger bag b/c I don't want to kill my shoulder. So I really want a bag that goes across your chest but has pockets for easy access to phone and things. I found a few but if you know of one that fits this description please let me know. I need it to hold quite a few things. Diapers, kanteen, bottles, food, wallet, keys, sunscreen, glasses, etc. Does anyone know one they love or use any of the ones below. Or which one below do you think works. I don't want it to bulky or heavy and I don't want it too small. I just can't find what I'm looking for.


Bag 1


Bag 2


Bag 3


Bag 4


Bag 5

Bag 6

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Calia I added a poll for you...


I don't have any personal experience with this type of bag, but I like the look of #2.

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