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Puerto Rico Brides!


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Just thought I would make a thread for us since there doesn't seem to be too much info on here regarding PR.


I will be married in PR at the Hotel El Convento in Old San Juan.

San Juan Hotels, Puerto Rico Luxury Vacations & PR Room Reservations - Hotel El Convento


I'll be posting what I like & which vendors I will be using in this thread.


Afterwards, we will be sailing on our honeymoon aboard the Carnival Victory out of SJ.


Any other PR Brides?

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...oops! I absolutely did not mean to disrespect the forum's rules. It's a natural instinct that I must learn to curb while on here.


El Convento is lovely. Be sure to take advantage of the "Rogativa" area that's just a short walk down the road from the Hotel's main entrance. It is a wonderful place to have photographs taken after the ceremony. "Paseo Princesa" is also nearby, although a bit more of a walk from the hotel. El Convento itself affords some unique old Spanish Colonial arquitecture that lends itself to photo ops.


You will absolutely enjoy your wedding experience there.




- James

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