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  1. I had a bomba-plena band. They were awesome. You can google their name and see you-tube videos of them. They are called batukealo. For salsa how about: ECPR - Entertainment Concepts Of Puerto Rico I did not use them but they have all sorts of entertainment! Good luck .
  2. Just got back from my honeymoon! I got married in Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. We got lucky-great weather although it was raining there for weeks. Will post photos soon! Wish I was still on my honeymoon. We had a cruise honeymoon and it was perfect. Tons of food and very relaxing.
  3. Latinhunny33 great photos!!!! Thanks for sharing. You both look very happy. We are back from our honeymoon. What a blast! Everything went great at El Convento and at the church. My dress almost flew out of the window but a family member quick on her feet caught it. I didn't see it but I heard screams and then everyone told me afterwards what happened. lol Also apparently someone put ink on my dress by mistake that was quickly removed without me knowing. We had a bomba/plena band which was a lot of fun. My flu was gone by the wedding date but I had a slight cough throughout the ceremony. Everytime I coughed my dress fell a little at the top. lol. I kept adjusting myself in front of the priest. I will post pics as soon as I get them!
  4. thanks mummergirl! I REALLY appreciate it. At this point I just want someone to dress me and carry me to the aisle. lol I am using the song you recommended. I just needed someone else to choose it for me. No more decisions for me from today on. lol
  5. Thanks! I really do hope I feel better!!!
  6. Ladies I need help! I am getting married in 6 days and have tons to do. I got sick last week and have some loose ends! I am walking down to Canon in D. We have a violinist and a pianist playing at the church. What can my parents, niece and nephew and groom's parents walk down the aisle to? I figured one song for all of them would be okay since it is a small party right? Something the violinist and pianist can play!
  7. We have chosen Let's Stay Together by Al Green
  8. 6 days to my wedding in PR! I got the flu real bad last week-still coughing a lot but hopefully it will be all gone by the middle of this week. I have chosen to give Puerto Rican rum as my souveneir.
  9. Wedding is 6 days away! Lost a total of 12 pounds. Last week I got the flu and could not go to the gym at all. Still coughing a lot but will hit the the gym tomorrow!
  10. Today during lunch I did 20 mins eliptical, 20 mins treadmill walking at 15 incline, and 10 minutes stairmaster! So far still only 10 pounds lost. Have to adjust the eating!
  11. I got it uconncruiser! Violin: Alberto Graulau 787-996-8634 violingraulau4@live.com He plays with the Pianist so I am sure he can give you the info. He will make your eyes swell up with tears when he plays. Corny I know! Latinhunny, your cake was beautiful!!!! I am having mini cakes but LOVE LOVE yours. We would all love to see more photos I am sure.
  12. Walking lunges two days ago legs are still killing me. I did one hour of cardio yesterday and today weights. Trying to stay motivated now that my trainer is gone!
  13. uconncruiser I have been slacking! I apologize for not posting sooner regarding the ceremony music! I will look up their info. and give it to you.
  14. Thanks Latinhunny for the advice! I will check that website out. Uconncruiser, the wedding coordinator is not included in the costs of the reception hall. She has different packagaes. It may be on their website but I am not sure. As for the ceremony music the coordinator found us a violinist and pianist. They play together. We may have a soprano singing the ave maria. So much to do right?! We booked a DJ for the reception.
  15. Jogged/walked 3 miles yesterday. Hurt my leg somehow. Today upper body weights.
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