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  1. Congratulations Kirsty, and welcome to the Forum!!!
  2. Hi Jennifer: Congratulations and Welcome to the Forum!!!! Cheers, - James
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by atlcatlover Unfortunately I didn't make it back to PR. 6 weeks after we got engaged my Mom died very suddenly so we scrapped all of our PR plans and are now getting married in Vegas. They were wonderful to deal with on the phone though. Great customer service and I'm sure it would have been a great place for our wedding. Oh my God, I'm so very sorry to read this. My sincerest condolences. - James
  4. El Conquistador is my favorite resort in Puerto Rico for destination weddings. I'll dig up some pictures to share with y'all a bit later. Right now I'm running out the door to photograph a pre-bridal portrait session. Cheers and Congratulations!!! Post here if you have any questions about the resort. I have worked there for years - James
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Bessca wow beautiful! Is it true that San Juan is unsafe? I have been hearing people say that. San Juan is quite safe. Are you sure you've heard those comments about San Juan, Puerto Rico? Because there's San Juan Islands, San Juan Capistrano, San Juan (in Costa Rica), etc. Rest assured. San Juan is quite safe. - James
  6. I recommend that you have a look at Puerto Rico (naturally). There are many good reasons to have a destination wedding out here, including cost and convenience. Welcome, - James
  7. Indeed, welcome to the forum and ask away... - James
  8. Hi All, Puerto Rico has three major coastal resorts near San Juan (within 45 min driving time): Gran Meliá (no longer all inclusive) - Puerto Rico Vacations| Puerto Rico Resorts|Gran Meliá El Conquistador (my all time favorite) - Puerto Rico Hotels & Beachfront Resorts - El Conquistador Resort & Golden Door Spa Wyndham Riomar - Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa is a Beautiful Puerto Rico Resort These resorts are large, and offer wonderful beachfront locations that are relatively private for a wedding celebration. They are, however, removed from the San Juan metro area. Some of my couples don't like that because they find it is more costly for their guests who may consider staying at the resort instead of at any of the many options available in the San Juan area. Also, they are not near many of the attractions in San Juan (like the Old City, among others). The smaller San Juan hotels are lovely but their beach areas are NOT private, meaning that the general public has access to those areas. Thus, having a private ceremony is a bit more difficult. Some examples include: The Condado Plaza Hotel - San Juan Hotels & Puerto Rico Accommodations - Condado Plaza San Juan Hotel & Casino La Concha - La Concha - A Renaissance Resort San Juan Puerto Rico Ritz-Carlton (My favorite in this class of hotel) - The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan Hotel: A Luxury Hotel & Resort in Puerto Rico Outside of the San Juan area and the resorts there are many Inns and other properties but they are further away from San Juan. Still, they may be worth a look, for example: Villa Montaña Beach Resort (Caribbean Holidays beach resort - Budget Luxury resort Puerto Rico) Puerto Rico is relatively affordable and accessible from anywhere within the continental US, there are no passports required for US citizens, the dollar is the official currency, and most everyone speaks English. More importantly, it is as safe and orderly here as any of the states of the Union. Cheers, - James
  9. I'm not a PR bride (obviously), but am more than happy to provide information to anyone who is considering a wedding here. It's a lovely place for a Destination Wedding. Cheers, - James
  10. Several major advantages of having your destination wedding in Puerto Rico are: (1) No passports required for US citizens. (2) Because Puerto Rico is among the top three geographic locations for manufacturing of Pharmaceutical and Biotech products in the world, air travel from the US is relatively affordable and accessible. (3) Puerto Rico is a US territory. The US dollar is the official currency here, all residents of Puerto Rico are US citizens and most speak English (especially in the San Juan area).
  11. ...oops! I absolutely did not mean to disrespect the forum's rules. It's a natural instinct that I must learn to curb while on here. El Convento is lovely. Be sure to take advantage of the "Rogativa" area that's just a short walk down the road from the Hotel's main entrance. It is a wonderful place to have photographs taken after the ceremony. "Paseo Princesa" is also nearby, although a bit more of a walk from the hotel. El Convento itself affords some unique old Spanish Colonial arquitecture that lends itself to photo ops. You will absolutely enjoy your wedding experience there. Cheers, - James
  12. Hi Jen, My sincerest congratulations! You must be quite excited about your upcoming wedding. I recommend to all my brides that they consider an indoor reception. It minimizes the chances of being rained on, and is a bit more comfortable for those not used to warmer/humid weather. That is, if you have the choice. Most receptions ocurr during the evening hours when you can't appreciate the surrounding beauty anyway. Cheers, - James
  13. Hi, El Convento is lovely. I've done many weddings there. - James
  14. Hi All, Just thought I'd chime in throught the few posts on Puerto Rico. I am a wedding photographer in Puerto Rico who exclusively caters to destination wedding couples. I have developed an expertise in this area here. Please feel free to contact me if you need any help regarding properties, vendors, or any other recommendations regarding your wedding in Puerto Rico. I am very pleased to be a part of this forum, and look forward to help couples enhance their wedding experience in Puerto Rico and elsewhere. Kindly, - James
  15. Thank you all for your welcome notes. Quick questions: Why isn't there a section for Puerto Rico? Can I start one? I would be happy to answer any questions on destination weddings in Puerto Rico, of course. Cheers! - James
  16. Hi, I have photogrpahed many weddings at the Ritz-Carlton. It's, as you say, a relatively small hotel, but will be able to accomodate you nicely. The same goes with the El San Juan Hotel. Have you considered some of the coastal resorts like El Conquistador, Wyndham Riomar, or Grand Meliá? Cheers, - James
  17. Hi All! I am officially introducing myself and hope to contribute much knowledge on selecting a photographer for your wedding, sorting out photography terms, etc. I am proprietor of Bridal Photoimpressions, Inc., the only photography group in Puerto Rico that specializes and caters exclusively to destination wedding couples. While the overwhelming majority of our couples come to us, we also travel to other destinations. For example, later this month I'll be photographing a wedding in Alabama, and another next month in Aruba. I feel very privileged to be a part of this forum. Please do not hesitate to call on me to clarify any doubts on our craft. I think that I speak for all responsible wedding photographers when I say that photography is the most important investment you will make in your wedding. To the authors of this forum: Thank you. This is a formidable idea and I hope that this forum becomes a very successful and important one to all couples throughout the world. Cheers, - James
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